1990-03-09 - 2000-07-21
Int Nord & Finu(v)ch Gruppvinnare SKK, BIS nominated SKK, BIS SVTK
SVTK:s Breeding Prizes in Gold, Bronze and Silver (the first Rabbit or Mini Dachshund ever to receive it)
SKK:s Breeding Prize (the first Rabbit or Mini Dachshund ever to receive it)

JCH LUCH Fipps Von Der HumboldtruhINTUCH LUCH Pitt Von Der Plaggenbaum Ilja Vom Heidemoor
Kröte V D Dömerhögte
LUCH Julia V D Humboldtruh INTUCH LUCH Pitt Von Der Plaggenbahn
Sonny V D Kuckucksweide
VDHCH Xeni Vom Steffelstamm Odax Vom Steffelstamm Dido Von DinklageTaeuber Vom Steffelstamm
Ulixa Vom Steffelstamm
VDHCH Trappe Vom Steffelstamm Ilias Vom Steffelstamm
Nita Vom Steffelstamm

Cadett was the first dog we bought from kennel Hörkaer in Denmark and it happened just by chance.
In the summer of 1990 I saw the whole C-litter in Denmark and fell totally in love with the dogs, creating a strong wish to own one of them. We quickly ordered a bitch from the next litter, since the plan was to repeat the combination.
Around the turn of the years 1990-91 we were asked if we were willing to buy Cadett. He had been sold but now the breeder had bought him back and after a good deal of thinking she had decided to ask us, since she herself owned the rest of the siblings and she was well aware of our interest in the litter.
It was an easy decision after seeing him in real life and got to know this wonderful dog.
After 4 months in quarantine he moved in with us (in August -91) and after two additional months in "home quarantine" he made his debut in a swedish show and did it with honour, BOB and BIS.
There were countless new BOBs afterwards and also BIGs and BIS nominations by SKK (Swedish Kennel Club).
But his greatest moment of success Cadett had in his quality as a father. He fathered more than 40 puppies and through the success of his offspring he qualified for the Swedish Dachshund Club´s working dog breeder´s prizes in bronze and silver (the very first longhaired mini dachshound who got the prize in silver) as well as the Swedish Kennel Club´s working dog breeder´s prize (as the first mini dachshound ever).
In our opinion he was the "perfekt dachshound": long, low-legged but elegant. Seeing him running around he was so beautiful one got goose bumps. We were frequently stopped in the streets by people who just had to tell us he was the most beautiful dog they had seen.
Even mentally he was perfect. He was the first dog we had mentally tested by the "guru" Rolf Johansson and strangely enough the first longhair that man had ever judged. He was deeply impressed by Cadett, who got exceptional 289 points.
Cadett meant incredible much to us, as well in our breeding as for a family dog.
He passed away very sadly because of an accident in Denmark in the summer of 2000 and was buried at Kennel Hörkaer, beside his sister and mother.

THANK YOU Cadett for our time together. You will always remain on our retinas as the "Perfect Dachshund".