1989-04-21 - 2003-11-12

Tsehai Feri Festhalter Dido Von Dinklage Willy Von der Humboldtruh
Uschi Vom Pagenhof
Queen Vom Pfauenhof Udo Vom Pfauenhof
Jette Vom Pfauenhof
SU(V)CH Familjärs Nita Familjärs Viktor FINUCH Emir
Familjär Vilma
Familjärs Kia Linus

Lola was born in Nita´s second litter and we had already decided to keep a female puppy from that litter. There were four female puppies in the litter and the buyers lined up to buy them. Lola was the smallest and everybody wanted her, but in spite of this she was the one who stayed at home.
Just like her mother she had a will of her own and she was very keen on making her little intrigues. When Nita passed away she turned to be alpha bitch of the pack and she kept that position for the rest of her life.
Now she is resting beside her mother under the great maple three in the corner of our garden.
Thank you for letting us be members of "your" pack!!