Blåbergets Tornado was born. His parents were Smedhults Torped and Blåbergets Nancy.


"Lelle" got a 1st prize in "badger´s burrow test" in Denmark with the good score of 60 points. Because of this he was nominated 2nd best dog in test and brought with him home a nice challenge prize. He was also the first swedish-bred and -owned dachshound to make it, so we are PROUD!
Back home with him was also a new little gentleman, by the name of Hörkaers Hattrick, who we are jointly owning with his breeder Else Sörenssen. The purpose is to let Rick grow up and stay in Sweden for a couple of years.

Lelle and his Mistress during the prize ceremony


Today Olivia got a "Honorary Prize" in open class blood track trial. CONGRATULATIONS to May-Gun, she is the first one from the o-litter to make it.


Micke got a "Honorary Prize" in open class blood track trial in Småland and was nominated best dachshound in test.
Judge: Rune Thoresson.


Micke got a "Honorary Prize" in open class blood track trial in district championship of Jönköping County. Together with his handler he took a honourable 3rd place.


Rick made his debut in blood track trial. His tracking test was ok.

Rick with a well-earned hoof of deer


Rick made his successful debut in swedish show: Cert, Cacib, BOB and BIG-4.
Frida was also taking part with great success: Cert, Cacib, BOB. CONGRATULATIONS to Peter and Kerstin!
The site was Piteå and judge Carl-Gunnar Stafberg.

Rick and Frida with their "cockades"


On the first day of "summershow" Vadstena Rick got Cert, cacib, 2nd best male, beaten by the worthy winner, "Bud".

Mysan got Cert, Cacib, BOB.
Judge: Göran Bodegård

Rick and Mysan with their cockades


This third day was even better! Rick got Cert, Cacib, BOS.
BOB was "Nessi" - congratulations to her!
Mysan got Cert, Cacib, BOB and BIG-5
Judge: C De Giuliani

Day 2 and 4 we did not participate, but so did our "danish guests".
Day 2 they placed themselves as 3rd best male/3rd best bitch and Day 4 they got Cert, Cacib, BOS for Rick´s father "Anton" who also became an International Champion. (CONGRATULATIONS ELSE, KENNEL HÖRKAER!) and Cert, R-cacib, 2nd best bitch for "Maj".

Mysan BIG-5


Kompis made his debut in senior class and he did very well even there. BOB, BIS-senior and BIS. All this happened in the Danish Dachshound Club´s show in Fredrikshamn.
Congratulations to Else and Kompis!


Frida got Cert and was nominated BOB. Congratulations to Kerstin and Peter!
Site: Timrå SVTK. Judge: Elisabeth Rhodin


Rick Cert, BOB and och BIS!!!!!!
Ibiza BOB and BIS-5. This will probably be Ibiza´s last show because it is better to stop "at top" and she will soon be 11 years old.
Site: SVTK Sala. Judge, dachshound: Elisabeth Andrews-Schultz and BIS: Ann Carlström.

Ibiza and Rick with prizes and cockades


Frida got her first 1st prize in open class blood track trial.


Rick Cert BOB and BIG-1.
Site: Nyköping SKK. Judge: Leif Lehman Jörgenssen.

Photo from the group victory


Lelle became the father of four handsome male puppies, whose mother was Su(v)ch SVch Yam-yams Wilma and breeder Ingela Björkman.
See photos of the miracles: Only in swedish!


Micke Ck, BOS
Site: Vimmerby. Judge: Stephen Wheeler.


A day of sorrow. After careful consideration Julle had to wander on to the Heaven of dachshounds.
Thank you Julle for our more than 15 years together. You will always retain a certain corner in my heart!


Lelle was mentally tested in badgers burrow with good result.
Site: Stjärnvik. Judge: Hans Hjort.


Lelle participated in Eastern Swedish Dachshound Club´s regular blood track trial, but we had to break it off soon after start due to a strong scent from elk or roe-deer.
The judge´s brief annotations: "I recommend this dog for start in our next trial in November, perfect opening".
Well, well, we will see.
Site: Ekerö. Judge: Leif Rohlin.


Rick CK res.cert and 2nd dog in working class.
BOB was Rodels Fuoco Nei Fuoco.
Site: Eckerö, Åland FKK (Finland´s Kennel Club). Judge: Hans Lethinen.


Frida got her second 1st prize in open class, with a honorary prize (HP). The championate is close.


Månstorps Gloria (horse) won her class among the two-year-olds and got 40 nice points.
Judge: Madeleine Bäckman.


Frida got her third 1st prize, also with a HP. She was the first one from the O-litter to become a Blood Track Champion. Strongly and impressive, Kerstin and Peter.
CONGRATULATIONS from Kennel Bussahagen!


Lelle´s son Den Pals Niles was nominated BIS-puppy at his debut in the show ring. 8 of the 9 types of dachshound competed with him in the final ring. Congratulations to Ghita and Niles.
Site: Görlev. Judge: Bertil Lundgren.



Lelle was getting his 1st prize of the year in blood track trial.
Site: Vällingby SVTK. Judge: Ulf Lindholm.


Mysan was getting her first 1st prize in open class blood track trial and because of that her mother Kate is now qualified for the working dog breeder´s award in bronze, (a litter where 3 out of 4 have got 1st prizes in open class).
WARM CONGRATULATIONS to Eva for both achievements.


Kompis was BOB, BIG-3 and father of the 4th best breeding group in show.
Site: Herning DKK. Judge: Jens Martin Hansen. Judge of group: Kari Järvinen.


Kompis was 3rd best male and 2nd best senior in show.
Site: Holsterbro, Danish Dachshound Club. Judge: Wenja Rui.


Today the swedish king Kung Carl-Gustaf got to experience the pleasure of hunting with litte long-hairs.

Three happy but tired dachshounds after a long day´s hunt


Rick mated his first bitch, which was Geitryggens Bettan. So now we are keeping our fingers crossed for puppies in week 8 2004.
Bettan has already had a very promising litter with Rick´s grandfather "Kompis", so of course we are hoping for this one to be equally good.
If this is interesting please contact Birgit Sandberg of kennel Geitryggen, phone 046-530-50541.

Bettan and Rick


The big day was here. Would Mysan and Frida be champions at first try after 2 years?
Oh yes, they did it and did it very well.
Mysan - Cert, Cacib, BOB and NORDIC WINNER-03, WOW!
Frida close behind - Cert, Reserve-cacib, 2nd best bitch.
Rick was not in his best coat, but in spite of this he got Cert.
So we were very pleased with our day. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Frida and Mysan with their cockades