Goldie has been to show for the first time. Two days after Christmas Eve we went to Tranemo where the Grand Danois Club arranged an unofficial show. Goldie behaved herself very well and ended upp as BOB- & BIG-puppy.

Rick has mated with the bitch Su(v)ch Nordjv03 Inter-Nos Helmi and hopefully there will be puppies in week 7. Are you interested, please contact Kennel Knacky-Knave´s. Telephone 046-220-42224.
This will be Rick's forth litter in Sweden and from now on he will take a break, beacause we want to make an evaluation of his offspring.

041211 Rick participated in the SKK International Show in Alvsjo. Judge: Ake Sjostrom. Result: 3 in champion class with CK. This was the last show of year 2004.
We are wishing everybody A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Little Pavel, just 6 months old, was approved in tracking trial test today. Congratulations to Pavel and mummy Fredrika for an incredible good performance. What will come out of this, maybe a new little "tracking-star"?

At last we have got a black Dachshound in our kennel!
Red Top´s Goldie Hawn from Marina Nilsson is very welcome in her new red Dachshound family.
Pictures and more information about her is coming up soon.

Today Lelles sons Chaotic and Continue have been VERY successful. In Sundsvall's Int SKK they both got BOB:s (one as a rabbit dachshound and the other one as a mini) and Chaotic ended up as BIG 3. Lelle is very proud of his sons and congratulates the owners and last but not least their breeder, Ingela.
Rick's little daughter Bonny with owners Kerstin and Folke Lotborn made their debut in Puppy Class 4-6 months and ended up as BOB puppy. The site was Gnesta and Sodermanland's Dachshound Club. Congratulations to a nice debut!


Now all the puppies are gone. It is silent and EMPTY, but all four of them have got good new homes:
Owner Louise Henneberg, Skänninge
Owner Lina Sörensen/Kennel Limore Norway
Owner Inger-Marie Grimsgaard Norway
Owner Else Sörenssen and Charlotte Jacobsson
Kennel Hörkaer and Bussahagen
Is going to spend his first time in Denmark but coming to visit his "old mum" now and then.

Good luck to all Q-puppies and your new owners!


The Q-puppies are 8 weeks old. New pictures, see Q-litter


Blood track trial. Lelle got his yearly 1:st prize and this was his 10:th first prize in open class. He was even close to a honorary prize, but on the 4:th length there had probably been wild boars roaming around so he was a bit disturbed.
Right there we picked a whole bag full of mushrooms, what a luck!


Pictures of the Puppies at 6 weeks of age


Lelle congratulates his daughter Den-pales Nina who, in spite of her young age, was nominated 2nd best bitch in Copenhagen.


Today the Q-litter has been outside for the first time. The liked it, see photos under Puppies.
They have also got names; Qalinka, Qasmir, Qasparov and Qosak.


Pavel has got his own homepage. Not bad for a 5-month-old puppy.
The address is


Maza, the father of the P- and Q-litters, won his group today in an International Show in Pskov. Sadly he could not stay for the BIS nomination next day. A pity, as it was the same judge who gave him his BIG.
CONGRATULATIONS Maza from all your children and Kennel Bussahagen!


Show in Ulriksdal, Rick 2nd best male, beaten by a worthy winner, Red-tops Egoist. Congratulations to breeder Marina and owner Sussane.
The same night he also became the proud father of six puppies, 3 females and 3 males, all of them dark red. The mother of the litter is Klockarbols A-louise. There are still some bitch and male for sale in this litter. Interested? Call Sussanne Forslund 046-18-397179.


Rick gets his second 1st prize in open class Blood-track trial, once again with the score 42.


The Q-puppies are two weeks old now. See pictures on the "puppy page"


Today Rick was nominated BOS and got his forth CACIB. Judge: Catharina Linde-Forsberg. Showground: SKK Int Nykoping.

The same day Pavel went to Puppy Show for all breeds and was nominated BOB, BIG and BIS-5 with the following very good critics:
"4-month-old male puppy of excellent type. Beautiful head with good expression. Very well pigmented. Excellent neck and angulation. Very good movements. An excellent puppy representative for his breed. Nice temper"

Congratulations Fredrika, what a "super mummy" you are!!


Today "Pavel" made his show debut. It was a very good debut: Honoray Prize, best puppy 4-6 months and 2:nd best mini Dachshound puppy.
CONGRATULATIONS to mummy Fredrika and "Pavel".


The puppies have arrived!!!
There are four of them, all red, three males and one bitch.
Read more about them under "puppies". That page will also be updated now and then with new pictures of the little miracles.


Today we went to see Rick's puppies with Alicia. It turned out to be a real "family party" as "grandpa" Lelle also came with us to meet his offspring. All five of them were very beautiful. "Bombi-bitt" is still for sale. Interested? Please phone Lotta Aderman (the breeder) for more information 0046-8-53420435.

Grandpa Lelle, Bonzo & daddy Rick


This weekend we were in Alfta. Partly because of a family meeting with the whole Lelle/Vilma litter. Thank you for that, Ingela! And than there was little Pavel who came to see us, together with his new mum Fredrika - which made us very happy.
Sunday we spent at the show and the boys were "taking it all". Lelle BOB and BIG-5, Rick BOB and BIG-2.
Congratulations to Lelle's son Chaotic, "Dante" who, in spite of young age became second best male.
Judge was Lennart Davidsson.

upper left little Pavel, down left Dante, right Lelle and Rick


Su(v)ch SVCH Bussahagens Oprah-Winfrey, "Frida" gave birth to three puppies today, two boys and a little girl.
Maybe one is still for sale, so if you are interested please call Frida's owners, Peter and Kerstin at 0046-90-24085


Rick has now recieved the title Su(v)ch. Today he got a 1st prize in open class blood-track trial with full score, 42 points and a honorary prize.


Lelle's son Chaotic, 10 months old, got a cert and was nominated BOS in Trondheim INT. See pictures of the "handsome guy" here!


Rick has mated with the bitch Klockarbols A-Louise. Are you interested, read more here or call Susanne 0046-18-39 71 79.


Today we were in Avesta, Mysan as "usual" BOB with Cacib and BIG-5, Rick 2nd best male with reserve cacib.
From now on Mysan will take "time off" from all competition and hopefully spend her summer being a mother, as we are expecting puppies to be born in week 32.
New photos of Pavel in his own site.

Mysan BOB, CACIB & BIG-5


Frida (Suv(ch)SVCH Bussahagens Oprah-Winfrey) is pregnant with Int, Rusch,Thai,Ltch Zhemchuziina Peterburga Vilson.
The puppies are expected to be born in week 28.
For further information please contact the breeders of this litter (Frida´s owners) Kerstin and Peter Falk. 0046-90-24085.


Now Mysan and Maza have mated. We cross our fingers and paws for rabbit dachshound puppies in week 32. Read more about this litter under "puppies".

Maza & Mysan


Rick has been father and Lelle grandfather again. 3 males and 2 bitches were born. One male and one bitch are black, the rest of them red.
Some are still for sale. Interested? Please contact the breeder Lotta Åderman. 0046-8-53420435


Puppy pictures; a little more than 7 weeks old.

Next week they are moving out, all except "Putin" who will stay with his mother Olivia in Gotland and sometimes come to visit grandpa Lelle in Solna.

So far we are more than pleased with our "half-russian" litter. They are all nice, sound and beautiful. Read more under P-litter.


Kristiansand Int NKK.
Today we were in Kristiansand in Norway with the following results:
"Mysan" Cert, R-cacib, 2 BB.
Rick ck, R-cacib, 2 BM.
Judge Anette Edlander.
Our pals "swept the lawn" with their competitors. Both got certs and cacibs and ended up BOB and BOS, so they were rather cocky on the way home, but we will beat them next time.


Today Olivia gave birth to 3 healthy male puppies, weighing 200, 209, 230 grams. Two of them are red and one is black & tan. All the family is fine.


Today Rick got his 8th cert and was nominated 2nd best male. The site was Älvsjömässan in Stockholm and the judge was Nina Karlsdotter. He has now been shown to 9 different judges and everyone has given him a ck, it´s not bad.
In week 22 we hope he will be daddy again and a "son-in-law" of Lelle´s, because Aliza will be the mother. Interested? Call Alizia´s owner Lotta Åderman at 046-08-53420435.
Right now we are curiously waiting for Olivia´s puppies which will be born very soon, she is obviously pregnant.


Tonight Rick became the father of 3 bitches and 3 male puppies. This was his first litter and the mother is Geiteryggens Bettan. Some puppy may still be left for sale.
See homepage for further information and if you are interested please feel free to call Birgit at 46-530-50541.


Today there has been great success among the children of Lelle. In Östersund Puppy BOB:s in rabbit and mini dachshound classes for Chaotic and Connexion, the last one even Puppy BIS.
See photos of the "stars" here.
In Denmark/Odense Den-pales Niles was nominated Puppy BOB in rabbit dachshound class.
Congratulations to everybody involved. Lelle is a very proud father.


Today Rick was shown in Nyhammar, Dalarna´s Dachshound Club.
Judge was Kjell Lindström and the result: Cert, BOB and Challenge prize for Best Mini Dachshound in Show.
This was Rick´s 7th cert and 4th BOB in 7 shows - WHAT A DOG he is!

The day before, in Norway, one daughter of B.Karl-Lagerfeldt´s, Katla av Rustböle, got her last cert (her 1st show in 15 months) and the title Nuch is hers.
This is "Kompis´" first norwegian offspring to recieve the title. Congratulations to Svein and Ing-Marie!

Rick in Nyhammar


Now we are back from Helsinki where Olivia has mated with the russian Junior Champion & Baltic JW-03 Zhemchzhina Petersburga Zorro, who is a long-haired black rabbit dachshound.
It was wonderful male, exteriorly as well as mentally. His pedigree is 75% american and 25% russian.
Now we are keeping our fingers crossed for puppies in week 15. Find more info under "puppies" and do not hesitate to contact us, either by e-mail or phone, if this seems to be of interest.