The last Show of 2005 was really a great success. Five of our dogs entered and what marvellous results.
In the Longhaired Rabbit-class we got "Grand slam" as "Qosak" was nominated BOS with a Cacib and "SuperFrida" BOS with a Cacib. Qalinka participated, too, with a good result 1 youngster class quality, 1 youngster class competition, HP.

Among the longhaired minis Qasparov got cert, cacib and finally 2 Best male.

Longhaired normal size; Young Goldie made her debut i hunting class with a 1st prize. And Qosak ended it all by being BIG-5 in the very strong Dachshund-group.
Totally 2X SW-05, BIG-5, BOB, BOS, 3X Cacib and 1x cert. Both Qosak and Frida became qualified for Crufts 2007.
Qasparov & Qosak

As everyone understand we are extremely proud of these results. Thank you to Lina and Inger-marie for coming all the way from Norway with Qalinka and Qasparov, Else for bringing Qosak from Denmark and Peter/Kerstin with "Superfrida" who took the flight from Umea. It is always an extra bonus when our "puppies" are doing well, so our warmest congratulations to you all.

Qosak, Qalinka, Qasparov


Visit our new WINNER's SITE!

Today Rick got his 3rd first prize in open class blood-track trial. He got it with full score, 42p and HP, and now he can add a new title to his credits, SVCH (Swedish Tracking Champion). All the 3 first prizes with the score 42 and 2 of them with an HP, what a guy he is. We are so proud of you Rick!

Hamar Nkk Int Nv-05; Qalinka participated and was measured as a Rabbit and ended as 2 best bitch with a reserve cacib. Judge was Tomas Jakkel Hungary. Congratulations Qalinka and Lina!

Qasparov got a 2nd prize in open class tracking trial today. CONGRATULATIONS to him and Inger-Marie.

We have got greetings from Rick's son Knacky-Knave's Maverick, "Pelle", who has just made his first tracking "for real", 7,5 months old, but the wounded roe deer was perfectly tracked by this young guy.
He is not only good but also handsome and most important of all, VERY NICE!

Herning DKK Int, judge Nete Wunch, 17 Rabbit Dachshunds entered, among them five males in Junior Class, which Qosak won and ended as 2nd best male. What a marvelluos little guy he is, he has had a very good year and it is not over yet, so hopefully there can be more fine results.
Due to Qosak's fine results during 2005 he was also awarded the title "CLUB WINNER 2005", which he qualified for during the second half of the year, before that he was still a puppy while his opponents had the whole year to collect results. Of course we are very happy and proud over this "young star" of ours.

In the SKK:s Int Show in Sundsvall "Pavel" got his 2nd cert, ending up as 2bm with a R-cacib. Warm congratulations to Fredrika and Pavel.
Lelle's son Complex also got his 2nd cert and 1st cacib, ending up as BOS (rabbit). Congratulations to Ingela and Monika.
I further want to mention one, in my belief, "unique" achievement. Kennel Tavlefjaren participaded with their first litter after Frida and all the litter was there. Anna ended as 2nd bb with a cert as a rabbit, Alex 3 bm with a cert as a mini and finally Oliver with a plain first prize. The most marvellous about these results is that they ALL became tracking Champions and they turned 15 months old just 3 days prior, as to say 5th of October. A very impressed Congratulations to Peter and Kerstin! Good work in the whelping-box, "Super-Frida".

Today Lelle's son Chaotic (Dante) got his first 1st prize in Open Class Tracking Trial. Congratulations to his mummy Monika and breeder Ingela.

We went to Fredrikstad, Norway, to participate in the NKK International Show. Rick was 3 vk with ck and ended as 5th best male, Qalinka was 2 vk ck and ended as 2nf best bitch. Judge was C-G Stafberg.
Qasparov came to visit (he was not entered) which pleased us very much, so now there as "fresh" pictures of Qalinka and Qasparov in their own sites.

Goldie has recieved a 1st prize in open class Tracking Trial. Judge: Ake Svensson, Kronoberg's Dachshund Club.

Early in the morning Venuse and I took the plane to Copenhagen. We were going to participate in the Copenhagen Winner Show 2005, where also Qosak and Familiens Aslan (Karl-Lagerfeldt's son) had been signed up.
It became a really great day!! Among the "rabbits" Venuse was nominated best i working dog class with a certifacate, ending up as 3rd best bitch, Qosak was the best male with BOB and of course Copenhagen Winner 2005. Among the minis "Anton" was nominated BOB and Copenhagen Winner 2005, in the big Dachshund Group Qosak ended as BIG-3.
Judge was Lise-lotte Schultz.
As everybody understands we are very happy and proud over this result

Copenhagen Winners Anton/Qosak

above: Venuse/Qosak

right: Qosak, Else and judge

Venuse got to meet som old budies from her kennel, namely Dingo Z debry, Danny z Ostroských jezer, and Ravel Klamap Debra, Ravel was the only one who entered and he ended as 2nd best male with a certificate and a cacib. We took some photos and there is also a new photo of Venuse on her own site.

above and right: Danny, Dingo and Ravel

Little Venuse started in a tracking trial test today and did it very ompressingly with highest score, 42.
We are so proud over our precious little "juvel".

Right guess! Qasmir was the first one from the q-litter to take his tracking trial test and make a very good job of it, Honoray Prize. Congratulations to the family Henneberg, specially Louise who walked with him on the track.

Ulriksdal, Eastern Swedish Dachshund Club, judge Louise Dorr, Australia:
We were rather nervous about Venuse's debut!!!! But it could not have been much better, though unusually many "rabbits" were entered, 5! Lelle was BOB and little Venuse BOS, what a glorious debut for this lovely little girl!!! Great thanks to our "superhandler" Marina who made it possible.
We also want to congratulate Rick's son Bonzo who made his debut in Junior class with a ck besr male and BOS, his brother Buzzi got 1.2 HP (among the minis), so our warmest congratulations to him, too.
Lelle ended up as number 7 in the BIS-final, BIS-3 as a veteran, so he is really "Still going strong".
We borught a very clever guardian for our dogs, namely "Alex". She was competing in the class "Child with Dog", handling Lelle and did it so well she was nominated 2nd best. She also was very good with the dogs.

In Vargarda/Western Swedish Dachshund Club, Lise-Lotte Schultz was judging. Rick ended as 2nd best male and little Goldie got ck and was nominated best female and finally BOS, not bad for a junior bitch.

After a bit of vacation we are home again and back with us came little Venuse. She is a lovely little girl. Merry and nice and fitted well into the rest of the pack. We are lucky to have got to buy her and she right into our hearts with her wonderful mentality.

The planned future couple Qosak and Venuse

More news: The long haired mini male WJS FCI 2004, EJS 2004, LJS 2004 Lord Lester Vom Benthener Forst is from now on living at Kennel Horkaer, Danmark.

Even today Qosak was participating in a show, this time arranged by the Danish Kennel Club in Odense, he got a ck and BOB. What a weekend, two starts and two BOB:s!
Judge was Mogen Slot-Hansen.

New photos of Qosak in his own site.

Ovre Norrland's Dachshund Club held it's ordinary autumn blood track trial. Of course Frida was participating and so were all of her children.
Once again she showed her strenght, 1st prize vith an HP and later BEST DOG IN TEST, but who was her worst competitor if not her daughter Anna, with a 1st prize and HP, and her son Alex with a 1st prize. Warm congratulations to Peter and Kerstin, we are mighty impressed.

In Vastmanland's Dachshund Club's show in Sala Rick's children proved their quality.
First his son Knacky-knaves Rode-Rick: Hp, BOB-puppy, BIS-1 dachshund puppy and finally BIS-2 among all the puppies, what a debut!
Following hard on his heels was his brother Knacky-knaves Brode-Rick: Hp, 2nd Best male puppy.
Their half-sister Klockarbols Winona made her official debut: ck, 1st Best bitch and finally BOS. Congratulations to you all. Your father Rick is very proud of you!

In Denmark Qosak was participating in the Danish Dachshund Club's show in Ringe. Judge was Ann Carlström. Ck and BOB became the result.

Next one from Bussahagen to make his official debut was Qosak, "partly mum" Charlotte was back home in Sweden biting her nails, but "danish mum" Else managed the better to handle him. 11 rabbit dachshunds entered and the result was CK, BOB and finally BIS-4.
Site was Fredrikshamn and the Show was arranged by the Danish Dachshund Club. Erwin Niebergall judged.

"SuperFrida" went to Tornion in Finland and brought back a Cert and BOB, which means she can from now on titulate herself Int Nord u(v)ch SVCH. The Finnish Kennel Club arranged and Bjarne Sorenssen judged.
Congratulations to Peter and Kerstin. What a year you have and hopefully your luck will continue.

The North Dachshund Club arranged a Show outside Sundsvall. Judge was Kjell Lindstrom. Pavel made his official debut and did it well. 1, 2 in working dog class and finally 3rd best male. CONGRATULATIONS to a nice debut, Fredrika and Pavel.
In the same show Lelle's sons participated, the two litter brothers Complex (Cert and BOB as a "rabbit") and Connexion (cert and 2nd best male as a "mini"). Congratulations to their breeder Ingela and all their owners Monika, Jane and Janne.

Lelle was in Show today - he is used to do so some time every year, because he really loves to show up. He is an "Oldboy" now, so he competes in veteran class and he did very well today, CK and BOB. The site was Lovudden and judge Pia Lundberg.

Today the Norwegian Dachshund Club, section Hedmark, arranged its summer Show. Judge Ann Carlström. Participants: Qasparov as a "Mini" and Qalinka as a "Rabbit". It could not have been much better: Qasparov Cert and BOS, Qalinka Cert and BOB. This was their second certificate and they are just 11 months old, so one must say it is good work from two youngsters like them.
Congratulations to Lina and Inger-Marie!!

Micke has been visited by a lady, SU(v)CH SVCH Ida-Gulls Alizia. A very nice and handsome bitch. So early in September there will hopefully be a lot of Micke-children.
Are you interested in a pup, please contact Alizia's mum Siw Lagerbäck, Yxtanejdens kennel, tel. +46-157-201 44.

Sorry enough we have some sad news. Fredde has walked over the Rainbow Bridge and into the Heaven of Dachshunds.
During his thirteen years he has been fit as a fiddle, his only experiences with the vet were due to vaccinations and monitoring his eyes. A while ago I found lump on his rear leg, which started to grow out of control. According to our vet the prognosis was poor, so we had to take the decision to let him end his life. This is never an easy thing to do, but as the owner one is responsible not to put the animals through unnecessary suffering. Fredde is now buried in the "family grave" beside his mother, grandmother and "uncle Julle".

Nina is standing at Stutery Stackarp in Annerstad to be covered by Sörbys Lotus. Lotus is one of Sweden's most highly merited Newforest studs. He has been successful both in shows and as a dressage pony. His offspring has also been turning out very well.

This year is really Frida's year!
Today she participated in Trondheim NKK INT Show, hopefully to get a cert and cacib, which she got and she was further nominated BOB. By that way she can add the titles International and Norwegian Champion to her merits. She is the Kennel's NINTH IntCh.
Well done Frida and of course also Peter and Kerstin. CONGRATULATIONS.

Frida with her cockades and her handsome young son Alex with his (Honorary Prize in Junior Class)

Welcome to our new import, the longhaired rabbit dachshund bitch "Venuse Klamap Debra"! (Text only in swedish yet)

"Frida" has been to a training camp and also participated in a Blood Track trial arranged by "Ovre Norrlands grythundklubb". She became best dog in trial. What an incredible little dog she is and great credit to her owners who are training her and competing with such success. Warm CONGRATULATIONS to all three!
Qasparov has been in a Show, arranged by the Norwegian Dachshund Club, judge Niels Brandstrup. Result 1.1 Hp 2 in Winners Class. Congratulations to Inger marie and Qasparov.

We had taken the boat to Finland to maybe bring home a finnish Champion title, and we did.
Rick got CERT, BOB and BIG-3. Site was Trevakoski, judge Martin Johansson and the show was arranged by the Finnish Kennel Club.
Lelle was there as a "moral support" from ringside (did not start) and he found a young but capable handler, "Linda", so next time we go to Finland we know where to get help with the handling.

Today Qalinka participated in a show arranged by the Norwegian Dachshund Club, with Wenja Rui as judge, and this time she really reached the top: CERT, BOB and BIS-4. WARM CONGRATULATIONS to Lina!

Today Qasparov and Qalinka made their debut in Junior class and it felt a bit nervous, how would they manage in an "official" class, but they could not have made it much better.
Qasparov was measured as a miniature, got a CERT and ended up as best male and BOS. Qalinka entered as a "rabbit" and got CK and 2nd best bitch. CONGRATULATIONS to Inger-Marie and Lina! What a glorious debut, good luck in the future.
In the same show was also Rick's daughter Geitryggens Jolly and she got CERT among the mini bitches and ended up as 2nd best bitch. Congratulations to her owner Ragnhild and breeder Birgit. Judge was Henny Andersson, Denmark, and the show was arranged by the Norwegian Dachshund Club.

Rather a lot of things have happened during the weeks 20-21.
Lelle's son Complex succeded in his blood track test, he was the last one in his litter so now the tracking credits are up to a 100% in the Lelle/Wilma litter. Congratulations to mummy Monika and breeder Ingela. There are not many breeders who can compete with this achievement. Well done!
In Sollefteå SKK Lelle's sons Chaotic and Connexion got certs. Congratulations. I also want to congratulate Frida's "children" Alex and Anna who both participated i Junior Class and were nominated 2nd Best Male and BOB (rabbit dachshund). What a good start as breeders, Kerstin and Peter. Congratulations to you all!
Frida has been taking part in two tracking trials during week 21, at first she got her forth 1st Prize with 42 points, a couple of days later her fifth 1st Prize with Honoray Prize and a split nomination as Best Dog in Trial. Frida has started in trials seven times: primary test, one 2nd Prize and five 1st Prizes of which she got HP:s in three. An incredibly good and even result. We are happy and proud of her, but it would never had been possible without such skilful owners. Many warm congratulations to Kerstin and Peter!
Lelle is proud of his daughter, too, and also of his other most capable and beautiful children who have been performing so well these past weeks.

Today Goldie made her Junior Class debut in the Smaland Dachshund Club's spring Show in Frodinge. Result: BOB & BIS-4. Judge: Lars West.

Today was "Frida" (Su(v)ch SVCH Bussahagens Oprah-Winfrey) participating in SKK:s show in Pitea and it could not have been better: BOB and later in Group 4 she was nominated BIG-2. Congratulations to Frida´s mum Kerstin and dad Peter. More congratulations to two of Frida´s offspring who made their debut i junior class. Alex got a CK and Anna a HP. Judge, both breed and group, was Hans Almgren.

Today Rick's daughter Klockarbols Winona was shown in Puppy Class. It could not had been better: BOB and then BIS among all dachshund puppies.
Congratulations to "Buffy" and mummy Susanne, who also was successful with other "breedings" of hers.
Site was Uppland's Dachshund Club and judge Goran Bodegard.


It turned out that Lelle´s achivements in tracking were so good, he was nominated Best Dog in the East Swedish ordinary Tracking Trials lately, where he further got parts in two different challenge prizes. 50 dogs were entered and 6 of them previously had got Honorary Prizes in Open Class Trials. Lelle was also nominated as a reserve for the coming Swedish Masterships, so of course we are more than proud of him.

Qasmir has also been shown in Puppy Class now. Result BIS-4, site Klubbarp's Dog Club. Congratulations to mummy Louise! We quess Qasmir is the one who will be tested in tracking trial first, because the training has started and he is good.

During week 17 the East Swedish Dachshund Club arranged its annual Spring Tracking Trial.
The 28th of April Lelle was starting and performed very well. 1st prize with Honorary Prize. He got the honorary prize due to a couple of disturbances which he solved in gratifying way. At first a moose was passing over the track and then, when we had to stop for the shot, there was a strong scent of roe deer - of course Lelle thought that the shot was for him, but he was experienced enough to know that today he was tracking, not hunting. Mummy was so proud of him, she had to shed a couple of tears.
As Lelle is hunting and tracking "for real", it was an extra achivement to behave the way he did. Not every hound would do. Most are getting tired of "artificial" tracks when they get to do it for real. We are owning a dog like that, "Ronja", very good att tracking moose, but bored with the artificial trials. But she is already a Champion, so it does not matter that much.

I have to mention one more thing that makes Lelle simply unique. He is a so called "Tothbeller", which means he is barking at dead deer.
The picture is showing a situation like this, you cannot see much of the deer except for its antlers.
This is one of the occasions when Lelle has performed as a "Tothbeller".

The three Dachshunds surrounded by flowers are Ibiza, Rick and Lelle

Goldie has started in her first blood track trial, being approved of with 35 points.
Judge was Kenneth Svensson, Kronoberg's Dachshund Club.
Now we are keeping on training.

Rick participated in the Vasteras SKK Show. Result BOS. Judge was Britt-Marie Dornell-Thorn.

Now we have been to northern Norway, namely to Harstad/Lofoten. It was very beautiful!
We were participating in the International Show with Rick and he was nominated 2nd best male with a r.cacib. Judge was Ove Germundsson.

Today little Qosak made his debut in Denmark at the "Gravhundeklubben" show in Slangerup. He became BOB in puppy class and got to go on and ended up as BIS puppy, what a glorious start! Judge for both breed and final was Ole Berknow.

Goldie has been to The Boxer Club's unofficial show in Vaxjo. Result - BOB - judge Ann Gistedt.
We had no high expectations considering the BIS, as there where 39 puppies which would be fighting in the final. So imagine our surprise when little Goldie got the cockade. Judge was Annika Cederholm.
Now we are taking a break from shows and working more with trials.


Goldie and Micke have participated in The Kronoberg's Dachshund Club's show in Moheda. Judge was Ulf Wall and Goldie was nominated BOB & BIS in Puppy class. Micke was shown in veteran class. He got an HP, CK and was nominated 3rd best male.

Qasparov and Qalinka have been in Puppy show again. This time in Oslo, Norway, judge Hjoerdis Espeland. Once again they where nominated BOB and BOS. Qasparov was BOB and later BIS-4. CONGRATULATIONS to Inger-Marie and Lina!

Lelle's son Connexion got his first certificate and BOB. Site: Oestersund SVTK, judge Kjell Lindstroem. Congratulations to mummy Jane and daddy Janne and last but not least to his breeder Ingela, this was the third one in that litter who got a CK.
The same day Pavel went to an unofficial show in Matfors. Judge was var Barbro Coldenberg, result BOB and BIG-1. Congratulations to Fredrika and Pavel.

Bussahagen's Olivia Newton-John has been in Denmark and visited the longhaired Rabbit Dachshund male KBHV00,01,02,03 PLCH, DKKV-02 EUV-00 NORDV-04 Beucannon. Hopefully some little red Rabbit and Mini Dachshund puppies will be born in week 16. Interested? Please phone their breeder Maj-Gun Bandinge 0046-498-264266

Many people have wondered what little Qosak looks like, but now there are pictures on his site and also at his siblings Qasparov's and Qalinka's.

Today Ina and Rick got four little boys. Interested? Please contact IngMarie, phone 046 22 42224. More pictures and information at

Qasparov and Qalinka has been to a Show, arranged by the Norse Dachshund Club and Nesodden. Judge: Svein Nordang. The siblings were succesful and became BOB and BOS. Qasparov was BOB and ended up as BIS-4 i Puppy Class. Congratulations to both Inger-marie and Lina!

Today we got a letter from the Swedish Dachshund Club, informing us that "Lelle" Int Nord o Fin u(VG) SVCH Sv-99,00 Bussahagens Leonardo Di-Caprio has been awarded a Breeder's Prize in Bronze.
Of course we are very proud, but he would never have been able to get it if not for you who own his offspring that have been doing so well in forrest and show. We are so greatful for your dedication. THANKS!
Charlotte has got a new e-mail address

Qasparov made his debut in show today. It was a swedish dachshund show in Kiel (Germany). He was nominated BOB in puppy class and later on even BIS puppy, what a wonderful start for his career. Congratulations to mummy Inger-Marie! Judge: Ann Carlström.