July - December

Another one of our boys will hopefully be a Dad, namely Rick (Int Nord u(v)ch SVch Hörkaers Hattrick) who has mated with Sagorikets Flamma (Int o Su(v)ch Nordv-02 Heatwave Fiorello- Iskas Wanna), the puppies are expected to be born during week 7. For more information please contact breeder Birgitta Wennerstrom Sagorikets Kennel 08-7331039 http://www.sagoriket.tk

Last Show of this year! It has become a tradition to enter in "Great Stockholm", The Swedish Kennel Club's greatest Show of the year where all the winners get the title Swedish Winner.
This year almost 8000 dogs where entered.
For our Kennel Qosak and Pavel competed.
The first one out was Qosak and he was nominated best male with a Cacib and through this also the title SWEDISH WINNER 06 and a qualification for Crufts 2007, later he was nominated BOS in competition with a beautiful little bitch.
Pavel did well, too, and got a 3rd prize with ck in a very strong Champion Class of 7 males, later nominated as 6th best male.

Today Qosak has mated with Su(v)ch SVch Geiterryggens Bettan. Interested? Please contact the breeder Kennel Rustboele www.rustboele.com Inger-Marie Hojdahl/Svein Nordang 00 47 22 27 03 85 or Kennel Geiterryggens Birgit Sandberg www.geiteryggen.com 00 46 530-50541 . Bettan is the mother of NordV-06 Boris av Rustbole, among others.

Today we went to Skara to watch the three remaining "prinsesses" make their debut in Show and also to meet them in an informal puppy reunion.
Excellent! They were nominated number one, two and three, Sanna won, Roxan as number two and Roxy as the third one.
In the great puppy final (together 39 Dachshund puppies were entered) Sanna was nominated number TWO. Totally incredible, she really behaved as a little princess.
Warm congratulations to mummy Ingela. We are aware of the work you have done with this little girl. Congratulations also to Yvonne with Roxan and Ulf, Annelie and Joakim with Roxy. Thank you for coming, so nice to see you all again.
Daddy Qosak participated, too, and got his forth swedish BOB in a row. In the Bis-final he was nominated number five.
Micke 2bm and Bis 2 veteran and Goldie 2 Bb.
Judge was Bo Wallin and Skaraborg's Dachshund Club arranged the Show.

The three princesses, from the left Roxan, Roxy and Sanna

Today we have made something special, namely participated in the World Show 2006. Poland was the host this year and the site was Poznan. Many Dachshunds were entered, incredibly 944 of them. They had to have their own hall and 11 rings.
Because of this it was impossible to follow the Show for other breeds, but here are some figures I do not think we will ever see again:
65 Longhaired Rabbit Dachshunds. 107 longhaired Mini Dachshunds.
We entered Qosak in Workingclass and he did well and received an exellent/Ck with only nice words in his critics.

Below pictures of WW-06 and BOB Longhaired Rabbit Ravel Klamap Debra

WW-06 Longhaired Mini Ulan Della Canterana

Congratulations also to the two swedish World Winners -06, Wirehaired Normal Dachshund Belomis Upside Down and Longhaired Normal Dachshund Hound's Lady madonna
Warm congratulations to Susanne, Janne and Marie!

Today the first of the "princesses" made her debut, Rosa pa Bal in the Show ring and what a debut it became.
HP BOB and later BIG-2. In Norway the Dachshunds compete together with the dogs in group 6, the winner was a Dalmatian and little Rosa was best of the Dachshunds.
Site Bergen Norge and judge Karl-Erik Johansson.
Warm congratulations to Rosa and of course mummy Gunvor.
Today was "Lelle's" day, we wish for him to take one 1st prize in open class tracking Trial every year and he did it today.
I spite of a "wet" track and some living animal distubances he once again showed his incredible capacity and a "great" 1st prize was the result.
Judge Bjorn Almberg, Club Ostsvenska Taxklubben

Kennel Privé (Ingela Bjorkman) went to NKK Tromso with three Dachshunds, result BOB/BOS Rabbit 3 cacib 2 cert.
Lelle's sons Complex Cert, Cacib BOB Rabbit and Chaotic Cacib 2 bm and through this qualified for an Int. Championship.
Complex just needs a 1st prize in open class to get some champion titles, among them Int Ch.
Further congratulations to "sister" Lotta for her cert, cacib BOB Rabbit.
Huge congratulations to everone involved. Ingela and monika, what a trip you made and with such good results.



What a weekend we had. Micke and Goldie was entered in Halland's Dachshund Club's Show. Goldie got cert, BOS and became Swedish Champion of Show and Micke HP as a veteran. Judge was Karin Gronwall.
In Gnesta Sodermanland's Dachshund Club the brothers Qosak and Qasparov were entered. Cert, BOB and Bis 5 to Qosak, Cert BOS to Qasparov and both of them Champions of Show.
CONGRATULATIONS to Inger-marie and "Kvicko", thank you for coming and very nice to see you again.

Qosak, Qasparov & Goldie

Even more results "from the forest".
Lately we have been under pressure, as everybody else reports first prizes with high scores and also Honorary Prizes.
Today it was Qosak's turn and he did well in spite of wild bores and badger around the track, so he got his first 1st prize with the highest possible score (42 p).

More results "from the forest".
Fredrika and Pavel started for the third time i Open class and they got their last 1st prize, in spite of the POURING RAIN (see picture). Even this time the score was 42 p.
So Pavel is no longer just a Champion of Show but also a Tracker Champion!
Double congratulations to Fredrika and Pavel!

Result " from the forest".
Rick's son Knacky-Knaves Maverick (Pelle) got approved in his tracking trial today, with the good score of 40 points.
Congratulations to Arne and Pelle and last but not least his breeder Ingermarie.
Daddy Rick send a proud Good Luck to his son!

Today it was Pavel's turn to show his talent in the forest. And he did it very well. Second 1st prize, 42 p and HP, this time with mummy Fredrika in the end of the line. We are sending huge congratulations, you are so clever and we are so proud of you.

Today we had a last rehearsal before the elk hunt in form of a tracking test in the forest around Hultsfred.
Goldie made a flying start, brilliantly manageing all obstacles, but she could not resist all the wildlife scents, so in the end she got a third prize. Micke kept his head high with a first prize, 42 points and HP.
Judge was Stig Lovgren, Smaland's Dachshund Club.

What a weekend we had!
On Friday we got on the boat at Kapellskar, our destination was Aland and the International Show the day after.
Qosak was entered och he made grand slam, cert. cacib and BOB. Arranger was the Finnish Kennel Club, judge John Hiddes, Holland.
We also wish to congratulate our travelling companionV "Valle" to his cert, cacib, BOB.

Next day we were back in Sweden and went to the Uppland's Dachshund Club's Show in Safva. Qosak was entered and the result Cert, BOB and Bis-4. Judge Karl-Erik Johansson.

We are so proud of our little "star".

Dennis turned 16 years old today. He is our oldest dog ever and a living proof of the Dachshund as a sound and healthy breed. Sure he is a bit gray-haired, but who would not be at the age of 112 years? His temper is intact, though, his hearing is not as good as it was or rather he hears what he wants.
As he does not like cake (!!) he got a piece of liver paste as a birthday gift instead.
In his youth (before thirteen years old) he was a clever cat-hunter. Now he is perfectly content with a stroll in our garden for exercise. Of course our hopes are to keep him still in life for a while, but due to his considerate age we have to take one day at the moment.

25-26 Aug
A bit late update due to our hurry to get away to the forest after show.
Qosak had a good start of his swedish career. On Friday the 25th of August, after just two days i Sweden he succeded in his tracking test.
So in the Saturday show he could enter in hunting class. The result was a certificate, BOB and later BIS-6.

Judge was Henny Andersson Denmark, site and club Ulriksdal, Dachshund Club.

Alexandra and Lelle competed in "Child-with-dog" and they were also very good.

We had a lot to take care of when we came home!


During this summer we have got a new family member among the horses. He is "Kotten" who's real name is Contender, a vallack born 1991 in Ireland. Now he has retired from his life as a competition horse and come to us to be an "ordinary horse", taking things more easy.

Blåbergets Narnia is two months old now, starting to change colour from light to darker fux. She is growing very fast and soon she will be going with her mother in show.

This weekend the Princesses are delivered. It will be empty empty but all of them have got good new homes and two will be kept by us although together with joint owners. Read more under R-litter.
GOOD LUCK to all new owners of the puppies from the R-litter, the princesses have been lovely to take care of during their first 8 weeks.

Rick's sons Knacke Knaves Mave-Rick "Pelle" and Rode-rick "Ruben" made their official debut today, "Pelle" with ck and 2 bm, "Ruben" would probably have beaten him if he had not still been "wearing his summer coat" 1, 1 i hunting class with very pleasant critics. Congratulations to their owner and breeder Inger-Marie.
Site Sala Västmanland's Dachshund Club, judge Siv Bengtsson.

In Norway there were Norwegian winners: Kennel Bussahagen was "represented" by Qalinka. And sure Lina and Rebecka fixed it again, best female with the title NORWEGIAN WINNER 2006 and later also BOB.
Warm congratulations to Lina and Rebecka for the great job you are doing.

The princesses are 7 weeks old today and celebrating by doing the best thing they know, investigating a foot of deer.

This must be called a real family party!
Today in Svenstavik SKK, the "relatives" made Grand Slam in the rings.
First one out were the rabbits with certificate, 2 best male to Lelle's son Complex "Felix" which was his third one so all he needs now is a 1st prize in a tracking trial.
Best male with certificate was Felix's nephew Y-stammens Cognac (Ville), BOB was a niece of Felix's, Symy who also got a certificate and a BOB nomination on Saturday.
Congratulations to owner/breeder Susanne and also a huge one to Yvonne, breeder of Ville, and Felix mummy Monika.
Among the minis Lelle's son Su(v)ch Chaotic "Dante" got the BOB, 2 best male were Dante's grandpa "Bud" and 3rd one with a certificate "Dante's" half brother Charming Conny (Bosse).
The BOB winners of rabbit and mini classes are a father and his daughter, Dante and Symy, who placed themselves as number 3 and 4 in group.

Great congratulations to Ingela who is the "woman behind" this success.
Congratulations to everybody who succeeded!
Lelle is so proud of his beautiful children and grand-children!
Judge was Ann Carlström.

Today the Princesses are sex weeks old, pictures in their own site. They are growing fast now and are very fast on their legs and love to be outdoors.
The Q-litter celebrates it's second birthday, congratulations to Qasparov, Qalinka in Norway, Qosak in Denmark and Qasmir in Sweden.

Pavel was entered in the Dachshund Club's Show in Östersund, judge Wenja Rui from Norway. It could not have been much better, BOB and finally BIS-4. Warm congratulations to Fredrika and Pavel!

And today (one day later) Goldie got her second 1st prize in Open Class Tracking Trial, judge Leif Rohlin Östsvenska Taxklubben.

Today Goldie got her fourth certificate and also recieved BOB and BIS-3 nominations in Smaland's Dachshund Club's great jubilee Show in Eksjo. Judge was Ulf Wall.

Family photo with several of Lelle's children and grand-children represented:

Left to right: Grand-daughter "Stjärna" daughter of Olivia, grand-children Anna and Alex, Frida's son and dotter, "Laura" daughter of Olga, Olivia, and finally Frida and the proud father and grand-father "Lelle".

Today Pavel was entered in the Dachshund Club's Show in Töva. Judge was Moa Persson, result ck 2 best male, Congratulations to Fredrika, what a superhandler you are!

During these two days we were both out in the Småland forrests due to the Swedish Mastership in Tracking Trial for Dachshund, which was arranged by The Småland Dachshund Club where we both got the honour to judge. And it was really a honour to act like a judge in this competition.
Perfekt planning!
Everything was planned in detail, very impressing.
Some people we want to mention are: Lennart Engström who planned and marked 35 of the 39 tracks. Nice tracks in forrests with many deer.
Lennart and Ulla Eckerberg who held the Friday introduction, worked in the secretary on Saturday and Lennart was also Master of Trial. You all did a marvellous work.
Thank you to all the other judges and and everybody who contributed to make these days such a wonderful memory!
Charlotte had the pleasure of judging the dogs in 4th and 8th place.

GREAT GREAT CONGRATULATIONS to the winner Ulrika Langenius with "Bönan" (Nordu(v) ch SVch Pomparnas Röda Böna)!

"The princesses" are four weeks old today. They celebrated by going out for the first time and they thought it was a thrill.
They are growing fast now, getting more attentive to each other, the sounds of the older dogs and everything else around them.
New mixed pictures in their own site.

"Kvicko" (Bussahagens Qasparov) and mummy Inger-Marie made a very good job in the forrest in the Tracking Trial which was arranged during ther Nordic Dachshund Days in Elverum Norway, 33 starts and 23 with the score zero but "Kvicko" and Inger-Marie got a FIRST PRIZE in Open class. Because of this they also got the Norwegian Champion Of Show title.
CONGRATULATIONS to Inger-Marie and "Kvicko" you are so clever!

Today the puppies are three weeks old and they celebrated by tasting meatballs för the first time. And they liked it, see evidence below:

The one who ate most was the smallest little "princess"

The have got their names now, but we have not yet decided who will be who, names under R-litter and also a few more pictures.

Today the puppies are two weeks old and they are growing and thriving as expected. We thought they were all red, but we were wrong, one is black and tan.

Raisa is no longer in this world. She has moved to the Heaven of Dachshunds. Probably she had a stroke and in the Animal Hospital they could nothing but shortening her suffering.
She was the last of Nita's puppies and with her that line is disapperaring from Kennel Bussahagen. We are grateful for having her with us for so long and absolutlely healthy in more than 15 years. Now it will be quiet and strange here for a while, because Raisa always kept her eating times by the minute and made us go up in the mornings.
* * *
Rick got a lift with "Rosa" (Rose-marie Åström) to Norway and a start in Int NKK Trondeheim. His results were Cert and because of that Norse, Nordic Championship, Cacib and because of that International Championship and finally BOS.
Lots of roses to you, Rosa, for your superb handling!
We are so happy and proud of this. Rick was the third dog from Kennel Hörkaer Denmark to become an Internationell Champion and I know his breeder/co-owner Else is just as happy as we.
Once again THANK YOU Rosa! And congratulations to Marina fot "Milla vanilla's" Cert, cacib BOB. One can wonder how these to dogs pepped each other during the trip, because they travelled in the same crate.

The four "Princesses" turned one week old today!
They are all doing well, the little one (no 4) is now weighing 160 grams, as to say she has doubled her weight. They have moved from their whelping box into a "den" and there both them and Venuse are enjoying themselves. Pictures under "litters" and "R-litter"

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