Gunvor and Rosa went to Stord Where Fitjar-Stord hundeklub arranged a show. The "princesses" are now 15 months old and this was the first show after the age of 15 months, so we were a bit anxious about wheter she still kept her "rabbit-size". But she did and now she is measured as a Rabbit! She got her third certificate and third BOB and thereby she is fully certified. She also got a BIG2. Judge was Torbjorn Granheim. Congratulations to Gunvor and Rosa!

Reports from two International Shows, one in Sundsvall Sweden and one in Kongsvinger Norway.
Sundsvall: Sanna, Mysan och Pavel.
Sanna was measured in as a Rabbit D. She got her 1st cert, 1 best female and R-Cacib, beaten by her granny Mysan who got Cacib and BOS.
Pavel cacib BOB and Big 4.
The "Sundsvall girls" did it again, congratulations to Ingela, Fredrika and Eva. Extra congratulations to Fredrika who also got BOB and BIG2 for his Rabbit D. Milton.
Judge Theo Leenen Belgien

In Kongsvinger Kvicko entered with honour, Cacib, BOB and International Champion.
Congratulations to Grattis Inger-Marie!
Judge Walter Schickert Germany

Thank you to all our wonderful puppy buyers!

Ibiza is no longer among us, she died quietly during the night.
She will be missed by us all and we will always remember her!
THANK YOU Ibiza for all our good years together!

Show Safva, Dachshund Club, judge Elisabeth Rhodin. BOB Puppy Rabbit D: Qosak's young son Klockarbol`s Nimbus who also got the BIS.
Congratulations to Grattis Susanne and Nimbus!
This is the third puppy after Qosak to become BIS - daddy is proud.

Third first prize in Tracking Trial for Roxette!!!
Now she has got the title SVCH, as the first of the "Princesses".
Warm congratulations to Yvonne and Rox, we are deeply impressed, no one has made it so quickly as you.

Tracking Trial, judge Bertil Larsson.
Lelle 1st prize with HP, Qosak 1st prize with the score 40 points.

Show in Norway, judge Bjarne Sorenssen. Two of Qosak's daughters participated in Puppy Class, as number 1 and 2 among the females. Rickeline av Rustbole was BOB and BIS4. We do not yet know her litters sister's name. Congratulations to Birgit, Inger-Marie and last but not least Rickeline.

Today Roxette got her ordinary 1st prize in tracking trial.
Club Ostsvenska taxklubben judge Leif Rohlin.
Good work Yvonne!
Congratulations to Rox and Yvonne

Show, Laxsjon. Roxan's "little sister" Rickeline av Rustböle BOS puppy , congratulations to Birgit and Inger-Marie, Qosak's brothers Larri and Blitzer participated with BOB to them both. Congratulations Lena what a weekend! Judge puppies Rolf Johansson, adults Eva Jonsson .

Congratulations to Qosak's two russian half borthers Boshaft Lochhund Blitzer mini and Zhemchuzhina Peterburga Larri king rabbit who got certs and the the title Swedisch Champion of Show in Biby.
Warm congratulations to Lena, Blitzer and Larri. Qosak enjoyed very much meeting you.

Saturday Show Int in Stavanger NKK judge Bertil Lundgren. "Rosa" was entered: cert, BOB, the so called "Grand Cert" .
Sunday Norse Dachshund Club's Show in Stavanger judge Svein Nordang and Rosa did it again, cert, BOB. What a weekend, two chances and maximal gain, 2 certs and 2 BOBs.
Rosa and mummy Gunvor did not stay for the finals, but it does not matter, the most important was the certs.
Huge huge congratulations to Rosa and Gunvor!!!!

Micke has had a repetition for the hunts this autumn.
Another 1st prize with maximal score.
Judge was Ingvar Hammargren, Smaland's Dachshund Club.

It seems lika Micke is going to be a father.
Read more under Puppies!!

Hogbo Skk Int judge Paula Rekiranta one "Bussahagan" entered, namely "Mysan" and she did it again cacib BOB and then Big 4 Congratulations Eva and Mysan!!!

First of the "Princesses" to get a 1st prize in Open Class Tracking Trial was Sanna. We are impressed and very happy for the result. Good work Ingela and Sanna

Show in Norway, Telemark's Dachshund Club, Skien. Judge Ulf Wall. Qalinka got another BOB. Congratulations to Lina, Rebecka and Qalinka!

Swedish Dachshund Club Show in Ulriksdal, judged by Cindy Pettersson. Two "Bussahagans" were entered Qosak and his young daughter Roxette. The younger got ck BOB, daddy Qosak BOS, Roxette also got the prize VP "Ikaros karamellskål" and brilliant critics:
Very good type and proportions, Feminine noble head, beautiful expression, very good neck, shoulder and front. Well angulated in rear, very good movements.
Congratulations to Yvonne and als to "Micke's" son "Bosse" (Yxtnanejdens Chivas" to his cert and 2 bm among the standard Dachshunds).

This weekend we went by car tol Lolland/Denmark to participate in The Danish Kennel Club's 60th Anniversary Show and the day after Nordic Winner Show for Dachshunds.
Site Knuthenborg Park.
Saturday evening dinner with lots of good food. Thank you Dansk Gravhunde Klubb for a nice and well arranged weekend.
The results:
Saturday, judge Ann Carlstrom, longhaired D, Qosak and Goldie were entered: Goldie 1, 2 ck and 4 best female, Qosak 1,1 ck cert, Danish Champion and 3 best male.
I also wish to mention Qosak's young son "Matti" in Junior class, ck and 4 best male among 18 participating males. The judge's critics: "A coming great star". He ended up as BIS 3 in the Saturdag finale for young dogs.
Sunday, judge Lise-lotte Schultz: Goldie,Qosak and Ykke were entered. Goldie 1,2 ck and 3 best female, Qosak in Champion class 1,2 ck and 3 bm, Ykke in Working Dog Class 1, cert Danish Champion and 2 bm. Even Matti participated 1,1 ck best young dog among the minis and finally 3 bm.

Left picture: Qosak's young and promising son Matti - Right picture: Father/son Matti/Qosak

Skk Int Ronneby. Judge Sammi Wilsson South Africa
First out was Qosak Ck Cacib BOB, Lelle 1,1 HP, Goldie Ck Cacib BOS. Qosak number 4 in group!
Little Trixa made her debut and a good one HP BOB Puppy. Judge Ove Germundsson.

Left: BOB and BOS Ronneby Int "Ross Castro/Goldie - Right: Participating dogs with cockades

Sala Svtk Show. Rick's daughter "BuffY" (Klockarbols Winona) got grand slam ck BOB and finally BIS, congratulations to Susanne and Mats and of course Buffy, daddy Rick is proud.

SVTK Eksjo judge Siv Bengtsson Qosak 2bm, Goldie Ck BOS, congratulations to the "Lellegrandchild" Tavlefjardens Bonaparte who was BOB and BIS4.

Svenstavik SKK Int Edwina Jones from South Africa judged.
Five "Bussahagens" entered Rabbit: Qosak ck 2bm, Lelle Hp as a veteran Sanna Hp as a junior Mini Pavel ck3 bm Qasparov ck 4 Bm, thanks to Ingela, Fredrika and Inger-marie for coming, good to see you again!
Congratulations to the "Lelle-grandchildren" Milton/Fredrika BOB Rabbit and Alex/Kerstin and Peter BOB Mini.

Froson SVTK judge Hans Almgren, 3 "Bussahagens" entered Rabbit: Sanna Ck 2 bf Frida ck 3Bf Mini "Pavel" BOB and BIS 5 Congratulations to Ingela, Peter/Kerstin and of course Fredrika

Ransater SKK Int, judge Jochen Eberhart, "Sanna" participated, won the Junior Class with ck and best female and finally BOB. Sanna's first BOB but probably not the last!
Congratulations to Ingela and also to Fredrika with Milton, who got his first certificate.

Fredrikshamn, Danish Dachshund Club, judge Per Nymark, Qasparov 1,2 with ck in working class, Qosak's son "Matti" best junior with ck 4 bm and ended up as Bis 2 in the Junior finals. Congratulations to Jane and Else

Lovudden SKK int. Ykke's forth show in Sweden, there was a "C" in the catalogue so if he could get a certificate he would also become a Swedish Champion. And so he did. He was also nominated BOB for the forth time in a row.
Sorry we could not stay for the finals.
What a super guy he is, our little Ykke!

Qosak's children are continuing their success in show. This time it was the norwegians.
The litter siblings Rickelina and Dino av Rustboele made their debut in Puppy Class. Result BOB and BOS Puppy, later the BOB puppy Rickelina also was nominasted BIS Puppy.
Congratulations to their owners Birgit, Inger-Marie and Elin.
Site Elverum, judge Bo Wallin

Tracking trial today. Qosak got a 1st prize with a score of 42 points and very good critics. He is now a Champion.
Judge Bo Varg, club Östsvenska taxklubben

070617 Vannas SKK judge Bo Wallin, Sanna 1.1 HP Mysan ck 2bb, Congratulations to Ingela and Eva.
- - -
Micke got a honourable 10th placement among 38 Dachshunds in Swedish Championship Tracking Trial. He got 57 points of 65 possible.

North Dachshund Club's official Tracking Trial. Two Bussahagen dogs took part and Mysan got her Championate. Congratulations to Eva & Mysan.
Pavel got a 2nd prize, as he saw a moose.

Show today, arranged by Smaland's Dachshund Club in Frodinge, judge Pia Lundberg. Goldie and Qosak entered.
Qosak got the BOB and Goldie BOS.
Then we had to wait a while for the final, but it was worth it. Qosak got the BIS!!!!
Unusual for a longhaired Rabbit Dachshund, but the greater our happiness. He is a marvellous dog.

Mother Mysan vspent her day in the forest and got a 1st prize in Open class Tracking trial with a honorary prize and also got her norwegian Championate. Congratulations to Eva

Show in Arlandsbro, North Dachshund Club, judge Catharina Linde-Forsberg. Three "Bussahagans" were entered.
Result Longhaired Rabbit Dachshund: Mysan BOB, Sanna 2 bb (junior class)
Longhaired Min Dachshund: Pavel 2 Bm. Mysan was no 3 in the final.
Congratulations to Ingela, Eva and Fredrika!!

Show Ostersund Dachshund Club.
Sanna got ck and 2 best female as a Rabbit, Mini D. was Lelle's son "Dante" with BOB and his daughter "Symi" BOB Rabbit.
Congratulations to Ingela, Monika and Susanne.

Show Aspa/Sodermanland's Dachshund Club. Judge Martina Shneider.
We had a great day.
Ykarus got his third BOB of three possible and his second certificate.
Ck BOS as an official debutant was our Roxan in Junior class
We are sp proud of our nice and beautiful Rabbit Dachshunds.

"Kvicko" (Qasparov) has been to a double show and "swept the carpet" both Saturday and Sunday, BOB both days.
Double double congratulations to Inger-Marie and "Kvicko".
Site: Sunndalsora, judge Saturday Kirsti Lumpelampi Sunday Torbjörn Granheim

Swedish Kennel Club's Show in Vasteras.
We ourselkves did not participate but there were other "Bussahagens". Little "Sanna" made a honourable debut 1,1 HP measured 28 cms. Mysan (Kate`s Opal) made comeback Ck, BOB and finally Big 4.
Congratulations to Ingela and Eva.

Mysan & Sanna

Show Stockholm Int. Qosak got his Cacib and became Int Champion. He was also nominated BOS by the judge Carina Ohlsson.

Once again we have got a Norfolk in our kennel.
Today we collected little Trixa, Madfällans True Love from Kristina & Henry Forsberg in Tranas. She has already got her own site. This is what she and her sister looked like at 4 weeks of age.

In Norway Qalinka has made all her tracking tests. Her title is Nuch NV-06 Congratulations to mummy Lina. All of the Q-litter has got their merits in Show and Track. Thanks to all wonderful owners for your good work with the dogs.

Show in Skogas, ranged by Ostsvenska taxklubben. "Ykkeman" was entered and due to previous tracking result we could enter him in hunting class. He got his first certificate and his second swedish BOB. What a guy! Judge was Bo Wallin

Intenational Show in Bergen, Norway. Rosa, 9 months old, was entered for the first time. Two first prizes and an Honorary Prize were the great result. Congratulations to Rosa and Gunvor.
BOB : "aunt" Qalinka who also got a cacib. Congratulations to her and mummy Lina and "little mum" Rebecka. Judge: Wenja Rui

Today Ykkeman did his first tracking test and was approved!!

We are greeting "Ykke-man" welcome to Sweden, Bussahagen and Y-stammen!
Of course he has got his own site.

10-11 mars
Little Rosa in Norway became BOB and later BIG-1 in her group. This was the last time for her in Puppy Class. Congratulations to Rosa and mummy Gunvor.
We ourselves were at the Dachshund Show in Koping.
Ykarus made a very good debut, BOB and later BIS-5, Qosak 2nd best male, Rick 5th best male. Judge was Kenneth Edh.
We are more than pleased with this super weekend!!!
Congratulations als o to our finnish friends to their BOB in Mini D. group and later BIS-2. They brought a swedish Champinship home with them. Congratulations to Marita and Rocko.

Today it was time for Rosa in Norway to be in Show. Site: Olen. Judge:Tryggve Heyerdahl. Little Rosa got an HP and was nominated BOB Puppy. Her height is 28 cms so it seems like all de "princesses" of the R-litter will becoma Rabbit Dachshunds. Wark congratulations to Mummy Gunvor and a great hug for Rosa!

Today we went to a Dachshund Show in Gnesta. Judge was Paulina Sjoholm from Finland. It is always nice to meet a new judge.
Qosak passed through the eye of the needle and we are happy to add another BOB to his list of merits.
Sad enough we were in a hurry and could not wait for the BIS final.

Winter is here, at last!

Qosak's and Bettan's puppies are born. Three males and two females. One male might still be for sale. Read more about Qosak in his own site or please contact us for further information.
More info about the litter, contact breeder Ing-Marie Hojdahl/Svein Nordang or Birgit Sandberg