Time for a summery of 2009 this last day of this year!
One more year with our wonderful “dachsies”.
Good results for many of our dogs, Qosak and Lelle got “double” Int champions through the new title C.I.E (International Show Champion).
Goldie and Qosak had a great weekend in Denmark at tracking test both get 1 Prize in Elite 2 and title DKBS (Danish workingchampion tracking).
Sissi easily got her title SVCH (Swedish tracking champion) and also in shows 5 cac 1 BOB and Bis 4.
Trixa approved in tracking test.
Micke BIS 1 Veteran.
Martha had her 2 cacs and 1 prize open class tracking so now we wait until her 2 years birthday.
Qosak was Nordic Sieger 2009.
Fredrikas “Pavel” had the title C.I.B (International Beauty Champion).
Ingelas “Sanna” was in Finland and get titles Finu(v)ch and Nordu(V) ch. Big Big congratulations to all four!
And the best Lelle was nr 3 in Swedishchampionship in tracking, our dogs and breeding has been close to placement 1,2 or 3 but Lelle the first who entered it!
One litter T-litter one female Thriller/Esther who has moved to Italy.

Planes for 2010!

Our U-litter hopefully will arrive beginning of March (more under puppies soon).
We will of course go to WW in Denmark in June meet our dachshoundslover and see a lot of dachshounds from all over the world.

Qosak with most of his Rosettes he got during 2009

Qosak has had a finnish/Italien girlfriend Posy Della Canterana, A nice visit and a lot of "daschhoundstalk" with owner Tiina who is one of the owner to Kennel Fortis Finland,
Do you want to have more information read under puppies.

"Qosak and Posy newmarriage"

Today DKK Int in Herning and a new title this year the winning dogs will be "Danish winner 09".
Qosaks son Matti and Venuse young son Hörkares Lord Vincent was reported, and Mattie dig it again ex 1 cacib BOB, and Vincent also a good placement ex 1 3 bh in group Matti was Big 3. Judge this day was Michael Allerup in breed and group Tina Pehar
BIG BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Else and dogs she owns booth of them.

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Qosaks young finnish daughter "Tofi" (Dachswagen Dotter Vifslan) who took her 3 first Prize in tracking and now has the title Swedish tracking champion.

Today early 6.40 Charlotte took the flight to USA back again 21 oct, she will be visitin DCA 2009, read more about that her and probably you can see results and photos from it to.
Read more here!

Today we can celebrate a new Hunting/Tracking champion Qosaks brother Qasmir is now Swedish hunting/tracking champion he is nr 15 from our breeding with this title.
BIG BIG CONGRATULATIONS to owner Louise and Lotta Hennerberg

Today we can a letter from FCI that confirmed that both Qosak and Lelle now also is CIE (Internationell beauty champion) so they are "double Int champion"
They have long titles both of them:
Int Nord u(V) o Dk (VG) ch CIE SVCH SV-99-00 Bussahagens Leonardo Di Caprio
Int Nord o Nu(V)ch CIE SVCH DKBSCH KBHV-05, KLBV-05 SV-05-06 Bussahagens Qosak

Todays Weekend started up friday 4 sept, Märtha (Tåstaryds Ophelia) passed openclass tracking with 1 prize.
Saturday 5 sept dachshoundsclub show in Söderköping Judge Kjell Lindström
Märtha took 1, 2 ck/cac (her second). This little girl has been living with Charlotte for 2,5 week and in this short time 2 shows and 2 cac, 1 Bob 1 hunting/tracking test openclass 1 Prize what a girl she is just passed 16 mouth.

Sunday 6 sept Int Kennelclub show in Högbo Judge Mattie Touminen Finalnd.
Qosak ck/exellent Cacib BOB (HIS TEENTH THIS YEAR NOONE HAS BEAT HIM THIS YEAR) Sanna in very short coat after her puppie exellent/Ck 2bt r.cacib.
In group Qosak was placed as 5 judge her was Kristina Ahlberg Finland.

Qosak BOB,Cacib, Big 5 Hogbo Int

We have also had good luck in picking mushrooms.

This weekends mushroomsvintage

Skaraborg's Taxklubb's autumn show in Fornbyn, Skara, judge: Siv Bengtsson.
Sissi got her 4th cert and became BOB and BIS-4.
Martha's litter siblings had great success: Opera got her 1st cert and became BOB and her brother Othello CK and 3rd best male.
Congratulations to Gun-Britt and Maj-Britt!!

Today we showed Märtha (Tåstaryds Ophelia) on the dachshounds speciality show in Stockholm/Ulriksdal, todays judge was the famous longhaired breeder from Denmark Lise lotte Schultz Kennel Tranevang.
And it could not have gone better cac BOB and got the prize "Ikarus candy Bowle" and it was the third dog own buy us so now the prize stay with us forever.

Martha with all her rosettes and prizes

Martha's beautiful head and expression

Today a nationell Kennelclub show near home Vallentuna. We had a sunny day perfect. The judge was Britt-Marie Dornell-Thorn, Qosak was the dog who was reported and exellent best male and finally BOB, it was his 9 this year what a dog he is! In the group a fine 4 placement.

This weekend swedish championship in blood tracking/huntingtest. Lelle (Multi ch Bussahagens Leonardo di caprio) was awarared a place, Qosak was reserv. It was located in norht of Sweden and it was hard. Our little man did a great work placement 3 in championship it was really well done and we are so proud of him!

left: Sm-3 Lelle Winner SM 2009 Campilos Naver Sm-2 Hahnangens Avec
Photo Kerstin Norberg

Photo Ingela Björkman

Today we celebrate Q-litter it is 5 years since they was born.
Big Congratulations Qosak, Qalinka, Qasparov and Qasmir.

Today we can celebrate our own breeding 10 Internationell beuty champion "Pavel".
At the show in Svenstavik SKK Int judge Harald Aune Norway he get exellent 1 best male and Cacib Bos and then, his title and name is now Internationel Swedish and Norwegians show champion Swedish tracking champion (Int SoNu(v)ch SVCH) Bussahagens Pavel Bure
BIG BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Owner Fredrika you are doing a wonderfult work with him big thanks for that!

This weekend Nordic winner show for dachshounds. Sweden was the country to have it in.
Day 1 Nordic winner show!
Qosak was reported and he was the only rabbitsized long with exellent/ck and then of course BOB and Nordic winner!!
In the final he get a great 4 place and was best longhair on the show.
Judge Breed Erica Pettersson Finland Bis Paulina Sjöholm Finland

Day 2
Qosak Bob again but we didn`t sta to the final to hot this day!
Judge in breed Paulina Sjöholm Finland

Today Int show in Norht Sweden Gällivare. Int Nord u(v)champion Svch SV-05 Bussahagens Oprah Winfrey was reported "Frida" is soon veteran 8 years but still in great condtion CK cacib BOB. She was not enterd the groupfinal.. BIG BIG congratulations to owner Peter and Kerstin and Thank you Anna for perfect handling.

Today we celebrite our R-litter (Roxette, Roxy-music,Roseanne-barr,Rosa på Bal) on their 3:d birthday!

Skaraborgs Dachshund Club's show in Fornbyn/Skara, judged by Marita Krants.
Qosak BOB and och Sissi (Singoalla) got her 3 cert and ended up as best bitch.

This weekend there was i double show in Denmark/Vejle/Dkk/Int. Qosak's son Matti was entered both days.
The first show was judged by Niels Brandstrup. Mattie won the champion class and was nominated 2nd best male but did not win the group.
The other show was judged by Linda Stevans, Australia, and Mattie got BOB, Cacib and BIG, his third group victory this year!
Warm congratulations tos Mattie, Else and Jane.

Vastsvenska Taxklubbens show in Satila.
Sissi made her debut in hunting class, 15 months old and with honour: cert and 3rd best bitch.
Judge: Nils Molin

Qosaks young daughter Dachswagen dotter Vifslan "Tofi" har visit Sweden for huntingtest/tracking and great results, first day passed beginning class and next 1 price in open class with highest points 42.
Big big congratulations to Elina och Tofi, what a little "hunter" she is.

Born at last! Longhaired red bitch puppy, name "Thriller".

Danish Kennelclub had today Internationell show and also Crufts qualifikation in Alborg.
Judge was Martin Johansson.
Qosaks son Dku(v)ch Mattie did it again Cacib Bob (Crufts 2010) and also all the way up in the Groupfinal BIG 1, big big congratulations to Mattie Else and Jane.

Big 1 Alborg Int 090503

Today it was a Danish show, Danish Dachshoundsclub in Slangerup, Judge Erica Pettersson Finland Qosaks son Dku(v)ch Mattie was reported and he was lucky.
BOB and later BIS 3 Bir congratulation to Mattie owner Else and breeder Jane.
Proud dad Qosak was sitting by ringside this day and cross his taws hard for his handsome son.

Dku(v)ch Mattie BOB, BIS 3

Father/Son Qosak/Mattie

(Photos Susanne Staal Nilsen )

WOW what a day! We started three dogs (Lelle, Qosak and Goldie) at the hardest class in huntingtest/tracking in Denmark Elite 1. 1000 m and 40 hours old.
And two of them get 1 prize Qosak and Goldie, Qosak also best dog elitclass 1,2. So with us home to sweden we had two more championtitle of this two dogs, Danish huntingchampion/Tracking, we think it is the two first in Sweden with this title.It is a ard title to get very few dogs get in every year around 2 or 3.

Goldie and Qosak with there prizes and there judge Ole Bernkow

Today we went to another show, it was SKK Int and Judge was Kenneth Edh. We had Qosak reported and he did again a great work
Cacib and BOB it was his 21 Bob and 12 cacib. What a guy he is.

photo Tommy Westergren

P-litter today 5 years!

Show at Solvalla trotting course, arranged byt Ostsvenska taxklubben.
Judge was Svein Nordang, Norway. Qosak was entered and behaved very well, got another BOB and later BIS 5

Qosak was also entered in "Children with dogs" together with his clever handler Tea who is the daughter of one a cousin of ours. Her little sister Lisa, mummy Victoria and granny Agneta was there to cheer.
We wonder what might become of the girl in the future.

Our Rick (Hörkaers Hattrick) today 7 years!

Today Sagarebyns Nora gave birth to 6 puppies, 3 males and 3 females. Qosak is a proud dad!
If you are interested in this litter contact Maj-stina Wadenstein Kennel Sågarebyns 0046-520-14549

Today Nordisk showchampion and svedish hunting/tracking champion Bussahagens Roseanne-Barr has been mated with Int and nordic showchampion and Svedish hunting/tracking champion Ykarus Klamap Debra hopefully we will get puppies wek 19 and earliest to deliver week 28. For more information look at puppieside or contact Charlotte

Today the S-puppies are celebrating their 1st birthday. Congratulations to Lita, Sammie, Simson, Snobben and Sissi.
Late greetings to their father Micke who turned 11 this Sunday, the 15th!

Today a report from 2 shows, at first in Sweden, Flen Dachshund Club, Kjell Lindstrom judged.
First Martha as a rabbit sized, very good critics, 1.1 HP in junior class, next dog was Sissi 1,3 ck as junior and at last mother Goldie 2:nd in champion class with ck.
In Moss, Norway, Norse Dachshund Club's Show, judge Ingrid Andersson, one "Bussahagare" was entered "Kvicko" (Qasparov) and he really defended the colours BOB and finally BIS 2, Congratulation to Grattis Ing-marie and Kvicko and also thanks to Lina and Rebeckawho handled Kvicko.
The male certificate and 2 best male was given to Kvicko's nephew Jean damme from Lina (Limore) and 2 best female was given to Qosak's daughter Rickeline af Rustböle, congratualtions to all involved.

Qasparov BIS 2

Today a dachshoundsshow in Grums, Judge was Nils Molin. Qosaks daughter Rickeline af Rustböle was reported and she got her 4 cac bestfemale/Bos Big congratulations Rickeline,Birgit and Inger-marie

Lelle is celebrating his 11th birthday.

Last hunting day this season!

The visit for Sanna in the "Big city" ended in at trip to finland. We hope to get the finnish cac and then she would get the title Nordic show champion.
She was travelled together with Fredrika and Milton. The show was in Åbo/Turku FKK and INT the judge was Ligita Zake Litva.
Sanna showed her self great and Fredrika as usual did a wonderful handle work with her. The result was even more then we had hoped for, cac,cacib and Bob.
So her new title is Nordic Show champion!
BIG BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO Sanna and Ingela and big thanks to Fredrika!

Photo by Sasha Simakov

Qosak has had a new wife, the red minilong Sagarebyns Nora, we hope it will be puppies in the beginning of march, are you interested in this litter or want more information contact breeder Maj-stina Wadenstein 0046-520-14549
And take a look at our own "puppiesight" there we have information about next planned litter name, photos and pedigreè for it.

This years show started up in Gothenburg and it was a four days show "My dog".
First day was a Nationell show/SKK Judge Lena Stålhandske and one of our puppybuyers showed her dog and with 1.1 and prize of honnours Big congratulations Ingrid and Lita (Bussahagens Salome)
Next day we had reported two dogs on our owns it was now a Internationell show/SKk and judge Espen Eng.
Qosak first out and he had a good start of this year Cacib and Bob with a great critiq, then it was the two sisters in juniorclass, Sissi won this with prize af honnours and Lita was number two.

sisters Sissi and Lita