Today a big puppieshow nearly 500 entries.
Mary (Limores US Mary) BOB and Big 2, Pepsi (Gustlings Fudge) Bos.

Micke and Sissi has been doing a tracking test in Rosenfors, judge Rune Thoresson.
Micke thought there were more interesting things to track, so he got a 3rd prize.
Sissi behaved very well, as usual, an got a 1st prize with 37 points.

Today our future on show Bono and Mary(Bussahagens U-two and Limores US Mary), both BOB puppy, Mary mini and Bono rabbitsized and in final
Bono Bis 2 Mary Bis 4.
What a lovely debut and what a future we have!
Judge Martin Johansson
BIG BIG Congratulations owner Anders/Agneta and CO owner Eva and Amanda

Photographers R.Martis A.Lindecrantz
We have visited Billy (Su(v)ch Bussahagens Kevin-kostner) born 960621, he is ous today living oldest breed.
Thank you Vera and Bert for taking so good care of him that he is still going strong!

Another little Norfolk in our home.
Today Guestlings Fudge moved in. She will be called Pepsi and she is very welcome.

Dachshoundsshow in Stockholm judge Joan Patton Ireland in Breed, Bis veteran Judge Lesley Patton and Bis Lesley/Joan together.
Bussahagens U-two puppyclass 4-6 mounth BOB puppie Bis 5 puppie.
Multich Bussahagens Qosak Exellent BOB
Multich Hoerkaers Hattrick exellent BOB BIS 1 Veteran and Bis 2 all dogs!

Tomorrow two of our dogs will compete in Swedish championship in tracking.
Multich Bussahagens Leonardo-Di-Caprio and SEu(V)ch SEVCH Bussahagens Singoalla. One reservdog is also from our Kennel SEVCH Bussahagens Qasmir owner Louis Henneberg.
Read more about it here

Multich Bussahagens Leonardo-Di-Caprio

SEU(V)ch SEVCH Bussahagens Singoalla

SKK Int Svenstavik Judge Torbjörn Granheim Norway Multichampion Bussahagens opray-winfrey exellent BOB Veteran BOB and finally Big 5 (best longhair at the show)
BIG BIG Congratualtions to owner Peter/Kerstin and to alla other wins you have this weekend.

Multich Bussahagens Oprah-winfrey Ck,BIR BIG 5

Nordic dachshoundswinner show in Norway.
Qosaks son Matti did it again!!!
Cac Bob and new title Norwegian and Nordic champion and then also BIS 1!
We are so happy for Else Sorenssen Kennel Horkaer proud owner to Matti (and half Qosak).
Judge Niels Brandstrup in breed and BIS Wenja Rui

Matti Bis1 happy owner Else

Today we celebrete Q-litter (Qosak,Qasmir,Qasparov,Qalinka) on there 6-birthday.
Qosak will celebrate with a lot of ice-cream.

Vi give a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Else (Kennel Hoerkaer Denmark) and Qosaks son Int SoDKu(v)ch DKV-09 Matti that first get club cac and the title ClubChampion also BOB and later he was BIS 1.
We also are happy for Hørkærs Springblossom who was BOB in rabbitsized longhair also owned and breed by Else Soerenssen.
Qosak is very very proud over his beautiful son!

On the way to Bis 1!

A proud Else and Matti Bis 1

We Welcome Limores U.S Mary as our new dog.
Father Am Ch UCI Int Ch Burdachs Brown Eyed Handsome Man
Mother JWW08 Opalina`s Fancy Face
THANKS Breeder Lina Sörenssen Kennel Limore for this lovely girl

Third day Int show Jonkoping Judge de Giuliani Claudio Italien
Martha (Tastaryds Ophelia) Exellent 3 best female, Sissi (Bussahagens Singoalla) exellent 2 best female Cacib

Second day Int show Jönköping Judge Muntean Petru, RUMÄNIEN
Bussahagens Roxette Exellent 3 best female

First day at tripple dog show Int Jonköping Judge Marie Gadolin
Qosak (Bussahagens Qosak) Exellent Cacib and Bob

Qosak in move and what a mover he is

Bir/Bim text Qosak and his granddaughter Bos

Vaennaes SKK Nat, Judge Kirsti Lumilampe.
Another great day for Bussahagens Oprah Winfrey Exellent 3 best female BOB veteran and BIS 4 veteran all Breeds

Bussahagens Oprah-Winfrey

Skara DachshoundsClub, Judge Carina Ohlsson.
Ykarus Daughter and Marthas sister Taastaryds Ophera Cac,BOB and Bis 5.
Congratulations to breeder/owner Gun-britt Bernlo.

Taastaryds Ophera

Swedishwinner was located in Avesta this year and Hans Almgren was Judge. 12 rabbitsized entered.
Qosak won first championklass with exellent and then also Best male with Cacib and title SWEDISH WINNER 2010.
So now his ha has one more title and it was the third time he was Swedish winner.
Int C.I.E Nord(v)ch Nu(v)ch SVCH,DKBCH,KBHV-05, SV05,06,10 Bussahagens Qosak
What a marvelous dog he is!

The same day in Vännas it was a Dachshoundsclub show, Elisabeth Rhodin was the judge.
Qosaks aunt "Frida" (Bussahagens Oprah-winfrey) was enterd and from Veteranclass she was BOB,Bis 4 and BIS 1 Veteran.
Big Big congratulations to owner Peter and Kerstin

This weekend visit Bono (Bussahagens U-two) us he is now 3 mounth.
We like him a lot small and handsome.
We wish him god luck in future.

Today show in Nybro, Smalands dachshoundsclub, judge Bengt-Ake Bogren, Martha (Tastaryds Ophelia) cac,Bob and now champion at the first try after 2-years birthday.
Sissi (Bussahagens Singoalla) exellent 2 best female.

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Fredrika and Pavel (C.I.B SeoNu(V)ch SEVCH Bussahagens Pavel-Bure)today BOB BIS 4 North dachshoundsclub Judge Nina Karlsdotter.

Our first tracking trail this year couldn't have been better!
Qosak 1 prize 37 points Lelle 1 prize 42 points.
Due this Lelle was nominated to the Swedish Championships 2010.
Judges was Kent Andersson and Asa Bjork.

Congratulations to Lita and mummy Ingrid in Norway, who got their first cert this weekend!!

Today has U-two/Bono moved to his new owners Anders and Agneta Fändrik who also has his dad Rebell. Good luck Anders and Agneta and we hope to have many nice years together.

Show Kronobergs Taxklubb, Moheda.
A very nice show! Just Sissi ställdes was entered with the following result: 1:st prce, cert hunting class, best bitch and BOS. This was her 5th cert and her title is now SEVCH SEU(v)CH
Congratulations to Hound´s Uncle Sam with mum Rosel Bandinge and breeder Marie Gadolin who got the BOB!
Judge was Marita Krantz

Today our local Dachshoundsclub had there springshow. Judge was Kjell Lindström.
Qosak was again Bob and in the final Bis 3 out of 8 dogs and he was best mini/rabbitsized dog.
New photos on U2 on his own side, he will of course be called Bono.

Today Venuse gav birth to our U-kull a little red boy his name is Bussahagens U2.

Today we celebrate Lelles 12 birthday. He is a bit gray but in mind like a 1 year old dog we hope to have him in many more years. He is very very loved.

This morning Posy della Canterana had her puppies five lovely males, Qosak is a proud father.More information under puppies

Posy and her five sons

It has been four days show in Gothenburg MY Dog and saturday and sunday it was dachshound. Judge saturday Tuula Savolainen Finland 7 rabbitsized longhair reported and Sanna (Bussahagens Roseanne Barr) get Exellent 1 Cacib and Bob big big congratulations owner Ingela and handler Monika. Sunday Nina Karlsdotter was judge and 4 rabbitsized reported Sanna Exellent Cacib and Bos again Big congratulations Ingela and Monika. Now is Sanna qualified for both C.I.B and C.I.E Int championtitles.