Both brothers Bussahagens Oscar-wilde and Bussahagens Oscar-wilde has passed first class tracking with highest points.

Nordisk Vinnare Stockholm Int Judge Marianne Holmli
Multic Ch Bussahagens Qosak ex 1 ck 2 bh cacib (junior was Bob)
Limores Us Mary Ex 2
Multich Hörkares Hattrick Ex 1 ck Nordisk veteran vinnare 2011

Big Congratulations to owner Rune and Marianne Thoresson then Wille (Bussahagens Wilhelm-tell) was Bob puppy Vaxjo Int SKK:

Multich Bussahagens Qosak got one more merit today. He passed earthdog test at badger. He has been train only two times so we are proud over him.
Judge was Bjoern Johansson and Soedermanland's Dachshoundsclub

Aug 2011
14 aug Limores Us Mary finally meisured as Rabbit sized Askersund judge Ake Sjostrom ex ck cac
20 aug Swedish winner skk Int Norrkoping Multich Bussahagens Qosak ex ck 2 bh r.cacib, Int Nordu(v)ch SVCH Hoerkaers Hattrick from veteranclass ex ck 3 best male we are proud over our old men.
27 aug SVTK Ulriksdal Judge Eve Nielsen Bussahagens Oscar-wilde Bob puppie Bis 2 puppie Limores Us Mary ex ck cac 2 bt female.

Mary - photo Charlotte Jacobsson

Mille - photo Charlotte Jacobsson

Bussahagens Oscar-Wilde (Mille) was today Bob puppy and later on Bis 2 puppy all ages and out of 18 puppies what a guy he is.
Multich Bussahagens Oprah Winfrey had a another fantastic weekend saturday Judge E-Rhodin dachshoundsclub BOB BIS 5 and BIS 1 veteran, sunday Int SKK N Karlsdotter judge CK, BOB, what a lady she is almost ten year. Big Big congratulations to owner Kennel Tavlefjärden Kerstin och Peter

Photos: Bild 1 Asa Thunberg. Nr 2 Amanda Pettersson. BOB och BOS Maria Lindholm.

A trip to Vejen Denmark with the following results:
Pepsi - excellent junior class, judge Ingrid Borchorst.
Sissi - 3 Best Female, R-cert + CACIB = INTUCH, judge Krystyna Opara
Goldie - BOS, cert, CACIB = DKUCH, INTUCH, judge Kathleen Hardwick

16-17 July
Multich Bussahagens Oprah-Winfrey had a great weekend Pitea Int Judge Hannele Jokisilta Finland ex BOB veteran BOB and Big 2!!!
Next day dachshoundsclub judge K-E Johansson ex BOB veteran BOB BIS 1 veteran and Bis 4, she will be 10 years old next mounth.
BIG BIG CONGRATULATIONS to owners Peter and Kerstin!

1 June
Qosak and Ykarus has puppies more info under puppypage.


Our little import from Norway has get her first title Swedish Tracking champion Limores US Mary, 4 test and everyone passed, what a little girl we have!

We have also got the 16 own breeding tracking champion in Bussahagens U-Two (Bono) so his first title is also Swedish tracking champion, he has also been to show in juniorclass EX 1 and ck, Big Congratulations to owner Agneta and Anders Fändrik.

Sissi (Bussahagens Singoalla) has been to two test 1 prize on both and highest points 42.

Lelle and Qosak has also been at one test Qosak found som deers so a good 2 prize Lelle 1 prize highest point 42 and the test best dog.

Little Mary made her official debut in Tullinge, judge Kenneth Edh.
She was measured 28 cm.

Our V/W litter was born. Two nice males, probably namned Oscar Vilde and Wilhelm Tell. Parents are Qosak and Martha.

Today is U-two ”Bono” 1 year.big congratulations from all us!