* 1990-09-19, d. 2007-05-16

Familjärs Gogo Ekhorst Fripp Robbin V Gejaminde
Ekhorst Fixi
Familjärs Ånnis Familjärs Nalle
Familjärs Kickan
INTU(V)CH S&NU(V)CH Södersjöns Gloria Vibes Krabask NLCH Feike V D Wijsterhoeve
Vibes Lexa
INTU(V)CH NORDU(V)CH NORDV-82 Södersjöns Amie Örnbergets Kirre
SU(V)CH Örnbergets Mia

Dennis was the only male in a litter of five puppies and he was really meant to be sold. But who can sell the last puppy after having him around for a couple of months? So he stayed on.
He was once shown in puppy class, before we were sure he was missing one toth, so he never became a show-dog.
Neither he was especially keen on tracking, but he was always a good companion and very loyal to his family.