910522 - 060702

SVCH SU(V)CH Södersjöns Julle Strömstigens Brandy Boy Vibes Krabask
Fauna Von Der Dömerhögte
Tromika´s Lille Tiruska Örnbergets Zapata
SU(GV)CH Lony Vom Eddastein
SU(V)CH Familjärs Nita Familjärs Viktor FINUCH Emir
Familjär Vilma
Familjärs Kia Linus

Raisa was born in Nita´s last and Julle´s first litter, consisting of as many as 7 puppies. We already owned a female after Nita ("Lola"), so we had no intention to keep a puppy from this litter. But Raisa was the last one left and we could not sell her, either.
She turned out to be an equally good tracker as her parents, but sadly enough she was scared by a shot during a blood-track trial and got a bit gun-shy, which restrained her for the rest of her life, so she had to "retire" from show as well as from tracking and was kept "only" for company.