1992-06-19 - 2005-06-16

FINU(V)CH INTU(V)CH NORDU(V)CH Hörkaer´s X CadettJCH LUCH Fipps Von Der Humboldtruh INTUCH LUCH Pitt Von Der Plaggenbaum
LUCH Julia V D Humboldtruh
VDHCH Xeni Vom Steffelstamm Odax Vom Steffelstamm
VDHCH Trappe Vom Steffelstamm
SU(V)CH Bussahagens Catja Tsehai Feri Festhalter Dido Von Dinklage
Queen Vom Pfauenhof
SU(V)CH Familjärs Nita Familjärs Viktor
Familjärs Kia

Fredde´s parents were Cadett and Lola. He had two sisters and a brother.
We were intending to keep a female from that litter, but they were already spoken for so Fredde had to stay instead.
Among these four puppies three has become champions of show and one in tracking, so it is probably the most qualified litter we have bred.
We used to say Fredde had "damp" because he was still like a puppy in his mind, although he was more than thirteen-years-old. When I returned from work in the afternoon, he was the one who was most eager to be taken out for a walk. He inherited a way of his own from his father, he loved to swim. He was throwing himself into ditches and creeks, the dirtier the better. Best of all was of course to come with us to the lake in the summertime.
Fredde was the last one from Nita´s line who we kept for ourselves, but there are children and grandchildren of his, living with other breeders, so his blood will be passed on.