1987-04-27 - 2002-04-15

Vibes Krabask NLCH Feike V D Wijsterhoeve Etienne V D Wijsterhoeve
Vibes Lexa
KBHV-77 Igor Vom Pagenhof Familjärs Nalle
WW-77 Zirpe Von Der Birke
INTU(V)CH NORDU(V)CH NORDV-82 Södersjöns Amie Örnbergets Kirre FINJ(G)CH SJ(G)CH Nicke
SU(V)CH Örnbergets Mia FINJ(G)CH FINUCH Greif Vom Wesertal
SJ(G)CH Örnbergets Katja

Gloria was bought to the kennel to add new blood with "interest for tracking".
This was a good investment. She was an talented tracker, both in trials and real life, and passed those genes on to her offspring.
The most remarkable practical tracking we have ever done was indeed with Gloria. We had to find a roe-deer, which had been hit by a car, and the track went through the centrum of Solna. In spite of much interference she did a splendid work and the roe-deer was finally found. This would probably never have happened with only humans around.
She was awarded a working dog prize in bronze by the Swedish Dachshund Club.
As a dog Gloria was very much a DACHSHUND. Very stubborn, firm and independent. She was the obvious leader in the house where she lived and kept an excellent order among the rest of the dogs.
She loved every person around her and her memory was immense.