* 2002-03-21
Int Nord Swe, Nor, FinU(v)CH, SVCH, 5 CACIBs, Group Winner SKK, BIS Winner SVTK
1 Open class with honorary prize in blood track trial

INT&DKU(V)CH Familien´s AslanDKUCH EUW-97 INTUCH KBHV-97,-99,-01 Bussahagens Karl-Lagerfeld FINU(V)CH INT&NORDU(V)CH Hörkaer´s X Cadett
INTU(V)CH S&NU(V)CH Bussahagens Diana-Ross
Hörkaer´s S Orange DKUCH INTUCH Egeri´s Aladdin
Hörkaer´s C Silhoutte
DKU(V)CH Hörkaer´s K KaisaHörkaer´s C Gasolin DKBCH(S) NORD&DKU(V)CH INTUCH NJ(V)CH Foxfoot Tintorozzo
Hörkaer´s X Calypso
DKU(V)CH Dm KonfettiHörkaer´s M Marc O´polo
DKU(G)CH Horsholm A Drille

Rick is our third dog from Kennel Hörkaer in Denmark. We are only his joint owners and the plan is he will be living with me in Sweden for a couple of years and then move back to his breeder.
Rick has started his career in a very impressive manner. Until today (July 3rd) he has entered the swedish show rings many times and got 8 certs, 3 Cacibs, 4 BOBs, 1 BOS, 1 BIS (Swedish Dachshound Club) and 1 BIG (Swedish Kennel Club).
He has also been shown in Denmark and got CK and BOS.
Further he has got 1st prize in open class blood-track trial with full score, 42 points, and a Honorary Prize.
His hunting training has also been going on for a while and it has began very promising. No animal has yet been shot, but I am sure it will be soon!
It is obvious we have got a young dog in our house. Rick´s favourite diversion is to steal toilet tissue or kitchen rolls, preferably unbroken, directly from the package, and then tear them into pieces all over the house.
He is a very affectionate dog, often sitting in our laps, enjoying getting fondled. He loves everybody who is willing to give him a pat.
Loving to be in the forrest where he seems almost indefatigable. He reminds us a lot of his great-grandfather Cadett, both in looks and behavior and the thought is to join Rick´s genes with the ones we have left from Cadett´s.