Bussahagen is the name of the farm where we both were brought up and our two initial litters were born.

We are two sisters who are running Kennel Bussahagen, Marie and Charlotte Jacobsson. Even before we were born there was a Dachshund in the house, a smothhaired normal sized dachshund named Rita, which we were growing up with.

The picture to the right shows Rita and Charlotte.

Our first longhaired Dachshund was bought in 1968. It was Marie´s first dog, Cissie, a little standard sized longhair.

In 1973 Charlotte got her first own dachshund, which was Familjärs Indra. She was the first of our Dachshunds who was taken to dog shows and she was very successful.
Because of this and of her nice manners we decided to let her be the mother of our first litter.
I October 1978 the litter was born, the A-litter.
In 1986 we registered our Kennel name, Bussahagen.
During all these years we have just brought up 17 litters, so we are no commercial breeders, always preferring quality before quantity.
We have been very successful with our puppies and grown-up dogs, mostly thanks to our nice buyers. Without all your help and engagement none of it would have been possible and, of course, will not be in the future.
Our purpose is to breed sound and healthy Dachshunds with good mentality - this is our highest priority, but of course it is always nice if they also are beautiful and good at tracking and hunting.
We want our buyers to be content with their dogs and our puppies to be happy with their new owners, given much love and taken good care of.
We ourselves dedicate much of our time for the breed, partly with our own one through hunting, training, exhibitions, breeding, bringing up puppies et.c, but also with other species. Marie is a judge at blood track trials and also engaged in Smaland´s Dachshund Club and Charlotte works as an exterior judge, certified for most standing bird dogs, drever, beagle and naturally DACHSHUND. She, too, is judging blood track trials.
We work close together with Kennel Hoerkaer in Danmark, as we have similiar aims for our breeding and it is comforting to have someone on the same "wavelenght" to discuss with.

Please take a closer look at our site and if you are interested in a dachshund from Kennel Bussahagen, you are always welcome to call or send an e-mail.

Marie and Charlotte Jacobsson