930312 - 070924
Int Nord & Fin u(VD)Ch, Group winner SKK, several BOBs in all the nordic countries.
The worlds only Rabbit Dachshund with driving merits, 2nd prize roe and 2 3rd prizes HJ.

DKU(C)CH INTUCH KBHV-91,-92 SU(V)CH Opalina´s Marquis De SadeDKJCH DKU(V)CH INT&NORDU(V)CH NJ(V)CH Foxfoot Tintorozzo INT&NORDU(V)CH NJ(V)CH Foxfoot Juniorchef
FINU(V)CH INTUCH NU(V)CH NV-88 Foxfoot Oui Ouiche
Faxel Vom Steffelstamm Maderia Vom Aschenbach
VDHCH Ulanka Vom Steffelstamm
VDHCH Xeni Vom SteffelstammOdax Vom Steffelstamm Taeuber Vom Steffelstamm
Ulixa Vom Steffelstamm
VDHCH Trappe Vom SteffelstammIlias Vom Steffelstamm
Nita Vom Steffelstamm

Ibiza was a birthday present from Kennel Hörkaer to Charlotte. Thus we got the bitch we intitially intended to buy, just a bit different size and pedigree.
Ibiza has also been very succesful in Show, with several BOBs, two times Swedish Winner and group winner at SKK (Swedish Kennel Club).
But her REAL succes has been as a hunting dog in the forrest. This was something we had not expected. Very few swedish hunters choose to use the little longhairs, but Ibiza´s talent has proven that they are as good as the others. She is the first and only rabbit dachshound who has been awarded a 1st prize in a hunting trial, in addition she has got a 2nd prize on roe and two 3rd prizes on deer.
Maybe we are letting her start once more. It would be very nice with another 1st prize, we are certain she has got the capacity.
Ibiza has had two litters since she moved in with us. We were intending to take a third one, but Ibiza herself sabotaged it practically reaching her menopause at almost 7 years of age.
As a dog Ibiza is very independent and very determined. She is an easy dog to deal with - always cheerful och keen on the most.
As a hound she is very honest, maybe a bit too firm, but with an excellent seach and return. Many different animals has been shot on her behalf: hare, roe deer, deer and fox, but if she can pick her favourite it will have to be deer.


14 years