1973 - 1984
Fully certified

Robejas Dix FINUCH Hobby V Burg-Frauenberg INTUCH Zottel V Burg-Frauenburg
Hilla Von Burg-Frauenburg
Robejas Lizett FINUCH Juwel V D Birke
SU(V)CH Robejas Fantastika
Ditte Ekhorst-Zick INT&NORDU(G)CH SJ(G)CH Struppi Vom Hexenweg
Zirbel Von Schenkenstein
Abina Robejas Ägrett
Nallebo Pia

If there had been no Indra the question is if there had been any Kennel "Bussahagen".
Her nice mentality and success inspired us to bring up our very first litter, the A-litter.
Indra herself was a very pleasant dog. She was the Dachshund who really loved to show herself up. When she was greeted with applause she was fully content. She even showed herself up at home and if somebody clapped hands she could go on forever. She was nice and cheerful and always did her best. She and Charlotte took part in Junior handling and reached as far as number 10 in the final of Stockholm International 1979.
At her last show she was 10 years old. Among the 30 Dachshunds who entered she was BOB.

THANK YOU Indra for showing us the right course of our lives, to bring up and work with the most wonderful breed in the world, the DACHSHUND.


Indra and her daughter Athene
from Bussahagen´s A-litter