1995-09-30 – 2008-09-19
BIS Swedish Dachshund Club

SVCH SU(V)CH Södersjöns Julle Strömstigens Brandy Boy Vibes Krabask
Fauna Von Der Dömerhögte
Tromika´s Lille Tiruska Örnbergets Zapata
SU(GV)CH Lony Vom Eddastein
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Faxel Vom Steffelstamm
VDHCH Xeni Vom SteffelstammOdax Vom Steffelstamm
VDHCH Trappe Vom Steffelstamm

Ronja was also a birthday present from my sister Charlotte.
She was a real star in the show rings, with several BIG:s & BIS:s, but the quality I appreciated most was her ability as a hunting search dog.
She was always with me at the moose hunt. The first time she managed to find a wounded moose she was barely one-year-old and the elderly men of the hunting party were perhaps a bit sceptic. during her 13 year long life she seached and found about ten mooses and a couple of roe-deers and gained all the respect she was worth by the rest of the hunters.