1988-06-15 - 2003-09-15
Su(v)ch SVch
Participated in Swedish Championship Tracking with a number 11 result
SVTK:s Breeding Prize in Bronze

Strömstigens Brandy Boy Vibes Krabask NLCH Feike V D Wijsterhoeve
Vibes Lexa
Fauna Von Der Dömerhögte Rubin Vom Wesertal
Dita Von Der Dömerhögte
Tromika´s Lille Tiruska Örnbergets Zapata FIN&NU(V)CH NORDV-82 Örnbergets Puskas
Kitty Vom Eddastein
SU(GV)CH Lony Vom Eddastein Joschi Vom Bromberg
Flora Vom Eddastein

I could have written a whole novel about Julle. He was a very special gentleman and he will always keep his own corner in my hearth.
When he moved in with me he was one-year-old. Visiting his breeder I saw his beautiful head and melted like ice. I took him home, in the beginning with the breeder as a joint owner, but after a couple of years he was all mine.
Julle was the dachshund which made me understand that even the little long-hairs have lots of hunting in them. I was totally into blood-tracking so there were many "hard" words in the forrest when Julle was far more interested in the scents of living animals.
But by the time he became a good tracker, both in trials as in practical life, with 20 1st prizes in elite/open class and several nominations Best dog in test.
I always had him in the car when I was out training other dogs and if they had a bad day I used to finish off by letting Julle follow the track and afterwards we all could go home feeling satisfied.
He spred his talent to his offspring, the most famous of them is probably SU(D)CH Sennenvännes Isabelle, who has been awarded many prizes in driving and hunting.
We have kept Ronja and Rajsa in our kennel, today just as "house dogs".
Julle was the father of totally 22 puppies and because of that he was awarded a breeders prize in bronze by the Swedish Dachshund Club.

Thank you Julle for the time we had the favour of spending with you. We are still working on creating a copy of Julle.