* 1998-02-01
1st prize in cave test (Denmark)
Mentally tested in cave/badger, ok (Sweden)
The Swedish Dachshund Club's Breeders Award in Bronze 2004, Silver 2007
Participated in Swedish Championships in Tracking, 1 prize, no.16 2008 & 1 prize no.3 2009

BECH BEJCH INTUCH NLCH Rebell Van De Nerendijk Pallieter Von Lotenthal Hein V. Asmaja
Git V. Asmaja
Trixi Vom Lindenhang Dachsel Vom Lindenhang
Nixe Vom Dorffeld
FINU(V)CH INTU(VD)CH NORU(DV)CH SV-97 SV-99 Hörkaer´s X IbizaDKU(C)CH INTUCH KBHV-91 KBHV-92 SU(V)CH Opalina´s Marquis De Sade DKJCH DKU(V)CH INT&NORDU(V)CH NJ(V)CH Foxfoot Tintorozzo
Faxel Vom Steffelstamm
VDHCH Xeni Vom SteffelstammOdax Vom Steffelstamm
VDHCH Trappe Vom Steffelstamm

Lelle is a son of Ibiza´s and his father is Belgian. When Ibiza turned out to be such a talented tracker, we were eager to find out if her puppies were so, too. In her first litter with Julle (Mini Dachshund) we had one of the kind ("Ronja"), so now we were trying to find a well merited rabbit Dachshund male. We finally did in Int Belg. & Dutch Champion Rebell van de Nerendijk, a black little Rabbit Dachshund living in Belgium.
Our plan was to keep a black bitch but all we got was three red male puppies, so one of them had to stay instead.
His name was rather obvious. We are nameing all our puppies after famous people and things and just before this litter was born "Titanic" had its opening night, so his name had to be "Leonardo Di Caprio".
Lelle has inherited good genes from both his father and mother. He is a bit of an "allrounder". He is an excellent tracker awarded with several 1st prizes and sometimes even best dog in trial.
He has been awarded a 1st prize in cave test/fox in Denmark and this with an impressive result, 60 points (as the first one of his kind who was bred and owned in Sweden). He has also been mentally tested in cave/badger here in Sweden.
He has also turned out to be a good father, his has today 31 "children" in Sweden and 3 of them has been champions in show, 3 tracking champions, 12 with cert/ck in show and 9 with 1st prizes in Open Class Bloodtrack Tests. The list will most certainly be longer later on, though many are active both in forrest and showo
Due to this he was qualified for a Working dog Breeder´s Award in bronze during 2005 and now he is close to qualify once again, probably during 2006.
Lelle is a wonderful dog. Calm and independent at home and very energic outside. He is always cheerful and eager in any possible way.
I have never owned a dog who was as easy to teach. With a little bit more time and interest I would probably have be able to compete with him in obedience class.
His eyesight is incredible - if there is something to see, be sure he DOES. He is also mentally tested by Rolf Johansson with the very high score 243.


photo Jan Segerstan

9 years

Tracking SM 2009, photo Kerstin Norberg

Tracking SM 2009, photo Ingela Bjorkman