* 1998-02-15
d. 2013-09-13
SU(V)CH SVCH, BIS Svtk, No 10 Swedish Championship Tracking 2007, No 8 Swedish Championship Tracking 2008

SVCH SU(V)CH Bussahagens Ivanhoe FINU(V)CH INT&NORDU(V)CH Hörkaer´s Cadett JCH LUCH Fipps Von Der Humboldtruh
VDHCH Xeni Vom Steffelstamm
INT&NU(V)CH SU(V)CH Södersjöns Gloria Vibes Krabask
INT&NORDU(V)CH NORDV-82 Södersjöns Amie
DKU(V)CH INTU(V)CH SVCH SU(V)CH SV-99 Bussahagens Jane-FondaSVCH SU(V)CH Södersjöns Julle Strömstigens Brandy Boy
Tromika´s Lille Tiruska
FINU(V)CH INTU(VD)CH NORU(DV)CH SV-97,-99 Hörkaer´s X IbizaDKU(C)CH INTUCH KBHV-91 KBHV-92 SU(V)CH Opalina´s Marquis De Sade
VDHCH Xeni Vom Steffelstamm

Micke was our youngest until Goldie moved in with us. He is from Ronja´s first litter. He was also the last one left when the rest of the litter was sold, so he got to stay although we already had decided not to keep any more dogs.
When Nita passed away I believed I would never again have the pleasure of owning such a good tracker, but Micke has turned out to be just as talented as she. Even he is taking part in the elk-hunt as a searcher and doing it well.
Micke is very mentally stable and has passed his mental test with good result.
He has also been successful in the show rings with several BIGs and BISs.


8:a Sw.Championships Tracking 2008
Photo Olof Backrud