1984-07-13 - 1997-05-07

Familjärs Viktor FINUCH Emir Robejas Ögonsten
Nallebo Pia
Familjär Vilma Linus
Familjärs Ofelia
Familjärs Kia Linus Björnslunds Eros
Björkdalens Lucie
Ada S&NJ(G)CH S&NU(G)CH Baron
Lässebackens Mia

Nita was the most particular of all the dogs I have owned.
I got her from my sister as a present for my 25th birthday and the thought behind it all was probably making me loving the show. Well, I didn't, but instead and because of Nita I got interested in blood-tracking and searching.
Nita turned out to be an excellent tracker, very much thanks to her stubbornness and will to work. Certainly her appetite contributed. As soon as she had found the hoof (or for instance the "real" animal) she at once started to eat it.
Charlotte took care of her in the show rings and even there she was successful with her share of BIG:s and BIS:s.
THANK YOU "little" Nita for the years we got together and for your children and grandchildren who are still around!!


Nita with Road-Stars's Road Runner (Norfolk terrier)