Swedish Dachshund Club's Award in GOLD -98
Given to
Swedish Dachshund breeders who has been succesful during a period of at least 10 years.
Demand: Ten (10) 1:nd prizes with honorary prizes or ten (10) Champions during a period of 10 years, from at least three bitches.

Swedish Dachshund Club's Working Breeder's Prize
For the benefit of working and succesful Dachshund, in three categories, gold, silver and bronze.
The Kennel has received the prize in Bronze 1994, in Silver 1999 and in Gold 2007.

SKK Working Breeder's Prize
Set up in 1962 as an award for breeders of Dachshunds which has been merited in working/hunting tests.
The Kennel has got this prize 2000 and 2008.

The Dachshund Club's Working Hounds Prize
For beautiful Dachshunds who has been merited in hunting games.

Gold, Silver, Bronze Int Nord FinU(v)ch Hörkares X Cadett

Silver, Bronze Int Nord o Finu(vg) ch SVCH, Sv.99,00 Bussahagens Leonardo Di Caprio

Silver, Bronze Su(V)ch Familjärs Nita

Bronze Su(v)ch SVCH Södersjöns Julle

Bronze Int SoN U(v)ch Södersjöns Gloria

Bronze Su(v) Ch Bussahagens Catja

Bronze Int SoNu(v)ch Bussahagens Diana Ross

Bronze Su(v)ch Bussahagens Kiss-Me-Kate

Bronze Multich Bussahagens Qosak

Since 1978 we have bred 21 litters which have qualified in Show and hunting tests:

11 International champions

45 National champions (one titel per hound)

14 Tracking champions

1 World winner 2008

Several titles as well as hounds approved in tracking test or with 1:st prizes in tracking trial and/or show!

The world's only Rabbit Dachshund with a Driving result Multich Hörkares X Ibiza

Sweden's only longhaired Rabbit Dachshund with result from cave test in Denmark and also mentally tested in Sweden IntNord o Finu(vg) ch SVCH, SW.99,00 Bussahagens Leonardo Di Caprio

Several BIS Winners SVTK, Group Winners SKK and best hound in Tracking trial!

Thank you to all our ambitious and succeful puppy buyers! Without you it would not have been possible!