* 2004-01-24

IntCh CZCh SKCh Charm Klamap Debra Erik Klamap Debra CZCh ACh Dino vom Seeräuber
Ypsy vom Zoll
Dull z KlamapTom Věkor
Zita z Radotínskych strání
Inez Klamap Debra CZCh SKCh Max z Debry J ACh Heinrich von Aranmanoth
Donna z Debry
Mandy de NanthomNLCh Yannick v.Asmaja
Sirene von Lotenthal

During a couple of years one of our "Projects" has been finding a new line of bitches. Finding that little "extra" where everything feels right is not the easiest thing to do, but the most important is a bitch with pleasant mentality, exterior and a good pedigree.

In September 2004 there were two Czech dogs in the great Copenhagen Show, the longhaired Rabbit Dachshund Ich Lch Czch Bihch Int ch Euv04 Dingo Z Debry (BOB & Copenhagen Winner-04) and the longhaired Mini Dachshund Danny Z Ostrozskych Jezer (BOB & Copenhagen Winner-04), both of them owned by Prokupkova Czechia (Kennel Klamap Debra). We did not participate in the Show, but so did Else (from Kennel Hörkaer), with whom we collaborate close, and she was very impressed.
Later, in October 2004, when Else came to collect Qosak, she brought pedigrees and photos of those dogs. It was an easy decision to make contact with Marie Prokupkova, Kennel Klamap Debra and ask if she had any bitch for sale. In that case it would be jointly owned by Charlotte and Else.

There were two bitches for sales and we got their pedigrees. Else and Charlotte agreed about Venuse, being the most interesting one.
In spring 2005 a couple of Finnish breeders were going to visit Kennel Klamap Debra, so we were asking Marita Järvinen to take an extra close look at Venuse, as we were very interested in her, although we had no opportunity to go there ourselves at that moment.
They came back and spoke nothing but well about her, so we finally made up our minds to buy her.
She was entered in a couple of Shows, so not until in June she were able to move in with Else in Denmark.

Venuse fitted in very well among the other Dachshunds at Else's. She has a wonderful temper, both with people and dogs, always merry and enthusiastic. Her "social competens" is high, but she can be as obstinate as sin when she is in that mood. Both Else and Charlotte are pleased with their little Venuse and convinced she will be a lovely bitch, in Show, tracking and as a mother.
The actual plans are to qualify her for Swedish and Danish Championships and further as a Swedish Tracking Champion.
We are also planning a litter after Venuse and Qosak, hopefully during the spring/summer 2006. (Read more under "Puppies").

Thank you Marie Prokupkova for letting us buy this lovely bitch, which we know was your favourite. Also thank you to till Marita Järvinen, Kennel Simply Tan, Finland, for looking at Venuse and helping us getting in touch with Kennel Klamap Debra. Good luck with Nuki Klamap Debra, Venuse's older brother who has moved to Finland and is jointly owned by Marita Järvinen.

Venuse's merits from Shows in Czechia and Poland as a Junior:


Venuse's beautiful head and expression
photo Marja Syrjänen

photo Marita Järvinen

Three handsome and typical Rabbit Dachshunds from Kennel Klamap Debra
Venuse (middle), Unka and Ulli

Qosak & Venuse

photo Marie Gadolin